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Sessions played by Procolers

Principally from 1968 - 1985

Most of this session information comes from a German encyclopaedia called Rock Musiker, and was sent to BtP by Yan Friis. The book contains the names of 80,000 musicians, the records they played on, their instruments, record label, and year of release. The author was KD Tilch (his address at the time: Agricolastr. 33 A, 1000 Berlin 21), and printed by Taurus Press in 1988 (their address at the time: Stapelfelder Str. 9, 2000 Hamburg 73).

The same publisher is also responsible for the excellent five volume encyclopaedia Rock LPs, containing information on 40,000 different albums: all the musicians listed on the cover, instruments played, label information, year of realease, and of course: every single track on every single album.

Eventual misspellings or errors should be blamed on them, not Yan. He excluded all recordings with The Paramounts and Procol Harum.

Since the page was first created, we have added items from various contributors: so not all of this is in the book!

Gary Brooker on other people's records chiefly 19701985:

George Harrison, All Things Must Pass (Apple, 1970) (but which songs? See here and here)
Allan Clarke, My Real Name Is 'Arold (RCA, 1972): the track Gary plays piano on is called Losing Me.
Peter & The Wolf (musical) (RSO, 1975)
Frankie Miller, Full House (Chrysalis, 1977)
Mickey Jupp, Juppanese, (Stiff 1978)
Lonnie Donegan, Puttin' On The Style, (Chrysalis 1978)
Wings, Back To The Egg (Parlophone 1979)
The Hollies, Five Three One-Double Seven O Four (Polydor 1979) (see here too)
Stephen Bishop, Red Cab To Manhattan (WB 1980)
Tim Renwick, Tim Renwick (CBS 84082, 1980: Yamaha CS 80 on three tracks.
George Harrison, Somewhere In England (Dark Horse, 1981)
Eric Clapton, Another Ticket (RSO, 1981)
George Harrison, Gone Troppo (Dark Horse, 1982)
Ringo Starr, Old Wave (Boardwalk, 1983)
Alan Parsons Project, Stereotomy (Arista, 1985)
Kate Bush: The Red Shoes (EMI, 1993) Hammond on You're the One, And so is Love, Constellation of the Heart
Kate Bush: Aerial (EMI, 2005) : the track-by-track listing for Aerial on Kate's official website shows GB on: Additional Vocals for Sunset; Vocal and Hammond on Somewhere in Between; and Hammond on Nocturn (thanks, Reza)

Dave Ball

Bedlam, Bedlam (Chrysalis, 1973)

Dave Bronze

Mickey Jupp, Oxford, Line 1980
Rocky Sharpe & The Replays, Stop Please Stop, Polydor 1982
Robin Trower, Back It Up, Chrysalis 1983
Gary Brooker, Echoes In The Night, Instant 1985
Eric Clapton, From the Craddle

Alan Cartwright

Brian Davison, Every Which Way, Charisma 1971

Chris Copping

Lots of film and session work is listed on Chris's BtP page 
Robin Dransfield, Tide Wave, Topic 12TS 414 (1980) ... piano

Bill Eyden

Georgie Fame, Sound Venture (Columbia, 1966)
Georgie Fame, Two Faces Of Fame (CBS, 1967)
Georgie Fame, Third Face Of Fame (CBS, 1968)

Matthew Fisher

Joe Cocker, With A Little Help From My Friends (Regal Zonophone, 1968).
You can order this CD from Amazon UK here - or a reissued CD with two extra tracks from Amazon USA here

Screamin' Lord Sutch, Hand Of Jack The Ripper (Atlantic, 1971)
Tir Na Nog, Strong In The Sun (Chrysalis, 1973)
Jerry Lee Lewis, The Session (Mercury, 1973)
Roderick Falconer, New Nation (UA, 1976)
Screamin' Lord Sutch, Rock & Horror (Ace, 1982)
Gary Brooker, Echoes In The Night (Instant, 1985)

(Other recording credits here)

Mick Grabham

Plastic Penny, Two Sides Of A Penny, Page One 1968
Plastic Penny, Currency, Page One 1969
Plastic Penny, Heads You Win, Tails You Lose (A & B sides + one new track) Page One 1970
Cochise, Cochise (UA, 1970)
Cochise, Swallow Tales (Liberty, 1971)
Ray Fenwick, Keep America Beautiful, Get a Haircut (1971: now on Angel Air SJPCD013)
Cochise, So Far (UA, 1972)
Mick Grabham, Mick The Lad (UA, 1972)
David Elliott, David Elliott (Atlantic, 1972)
Big Three, Resurrection (Polydor, 1973)
Various, Flash Fearless & The Zorg Women (see here) (Chrysalis, 1975)
Dave Greenslade, Cactus Choir (WB, 1976)
Sutherland Brothers, Down To Earth (CBS, 1977)
Kai Olsson, Crazy Love (Chrysalis, 1979)
Matthew Fisher, Matthew Fisher (Vertigo, 1980)
Food of Love by Yvonne Elliman (1973)

See also Mick Grabham sessions at The Musicians' Olympus

Dave Knights


Bobby Harrison

Freedom, Freedom (Vertigo, 1970) - review here
Freedom, At Last (Metronome, 1970)
Freedom, Through The Years (Cotillion, 1971)
Patrick Campbell-Lyons, Me & My Friend (Sovereign, 1973)
Snafu, Snafu (WWA, 1973)
Matthew Fisher, Journey's End (RCA, 1973)
Snafu, Situation Normal (Vertigo, 1974)

Ray Royer


Peter Solley

Terry Reid, Bang, Bang You're Terry Reid, Epic 1968
Paladin, Charge, 1972
Snafu, Snafu, WWA 1973
Snafu, Situation Normal, Vertigo 1974
Keith Christmas, Brighter Day, Manticore 1974
Arthur Brown, Dance, Gull 1975
Fox, Tails Of Illusion, GTO 1975
Fox, Fox, GTO 1975
Al Stewart, Time Passages, RCA 1978
Sports, Don't Throw Stones, Ariola 1978
Yellow Dog, Beware Of The Dog, Virgin 1978
Wreckless Eric, Wonderful World Of Wreckless Eric, Stiff 1978
Dennis O'Brien, Any Other Day, Decca 1979
Raphael Ravenscroft, Her Father Didn't Like Me, Anyway, Portrait 1979
Johnny Warman, Hour Glass, RCA 1979
Steve Forbert, Little Stevie Orbit, Epic 1980
Henry Paul, Henry Paul, Atlantic 1982
Romantics, In Heat, Epic 1983
John Parr, John Parr, Mercury 1985
Peter Frampton, Premonition, Virgin 1985
Romantics, Rhythm Romance, Epic 1985

Henry Spinetti

only played on one PH track, so he's not on this list.

Jerry Stevenson

(none, but see here)

Robin Trower


Geoff Whitehorn

If, Not Just Another Bunch Of Pretty Faces, Brain 1974
If, Tea-Break Over - Back On Your 'eads, Brain 1974
Mike Starrs, Electric Garden, Telefunken 1974
Geoff Whitehorn, Whitehorn, Deram 1974
Richard Digance, Treading The Boards, Transatlantic 1975
Back Street Crawler, 2nd Street, Atlantic 1976
Mike Berry, Rocks In My Head, Polydor 1976
Crawler, Crawler, CBS 1977
Peter Doyle, Skin Deep, RCA 1977
Eric Burdon, Survivor, Polydor 1977
Edna B Jerano, Let Your Feelings Show, Emily 1978
Crawler, Shake, Rattle & Roll, Epic 1978
Roger Chapman, Live In Hamburg, Line 1979
Roger Chapman, Chappo, Acrobat 1979
Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Chance, Bronze 1980
Jimmy Hibbert, Heavy Duty, Logo 1980
Kevin Ayers, That's What You, Harvest 1980
Roger Chapman, Mail Order Magic, Line 1980
Marcia Hines, Take It From The Boys, Logo 1981
Roger Chapman, He Was, She Was, You Was, We Was, Line 1981
Johnny Hallyday, Pas facile, Metronome 1981
Gerald Masters, Gerald Masters, Handshake 1981
Roger Chapman, Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun, Line 1981
Florence Warner, Another Hot Night, Mercury 1981
Wall Street Crash, Wall Street Crash, Magnet 1982
Elkie Brooks, Pearls II, A&M 1982
Roger Chapman, Mango Crazy, Instant 1983
Paul McCartney, Pipes Of Peace, Parlophone 1983
Joe Fagin, Cry For No One, Blow Up 1983
Billy Ocean, Suddenly, Jive 1984
Roger Chapman, The Shadow Knows, Instant 1984
Poli Palmer, Human Error, Erdenklang 1985
Roger Chapman, Zipper, RCA 1986

Also see here

BJ Wilson

Joe Cocker, With A Little Help From My Friends (Regal Zonophone, 1968)
You can order this CD from Amazon UK here - or a reissued CD with two extra tracks from Amazon USA here

Jody Grind, One Step On (Transatlantic, 1969)
Leon Russell, Leon Russell (Shelter, 1970)
Lou Reed, Berlin (RCA, 1973)
The Bonzo Dog Band (1977) see here.
Frankie Miller, Double Trouble (Chrysalis, 1978)
John Hiatt, Slug Line (MCA, 1979)
The Hollies, Five Three One Double-Seven O Four (Polydor, 1979)
Gary Brooker, Echoes In The Night (Instant, 1985)
Bob Siebenberg, Giants In Our Own Room (A&M, 1986) (see here to order)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack album
Bruce Stephens, Watch That First Step

Further sessions for BJ here


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