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Ringo's All Starr Band

Skanderborg, 10 Aug 1998

A few quotations from the Danish papers' reviews of the All Starr Band at Skanderborg, 10 Aug 1998 (thanks to Niels-Erik Mortensen)

From the tabloid Ekstra Bladet 10 August 1998 (excerpts):

Old boys still going strong. Ringo Starr created warmth and joy at Skanderborg.

By Allan Lykke Olesen.

The audience was ready for some good old nostalgia - and that was exactly what it got: A Whiter Shade of Pale and Whisky Train spearheaded by Gary Brooker, I Feel Free and White Room featuring Jack Bruce, All Right Now by Simon Kirke and Show Me the Way sung by Peter Frampton, also making place for some brilliant playing by Bruce and Brooker. And then Ringo - God bless him, excellently drumming his way through evergreens as Photograph, Yellow Submarine a.m.o. Just to make you overwhelmed by happiness.

(Colour photo of Ringo singing. Marks: five out of six stars.)

From the tabloid BT 10 August 1998 (excerpts):

Ringo closed the Skanderborg Festival. GOOD NIGHT

By Steffen Jungersen

'... Ringo is by no means without charming features. But I have seen kitchen sinks with a better understanding of melody, and he would never have achieved a recording contract without his former membership of a certain cult-band from Liverpool ... a pathetic senior citizens' party playing old hits for the benefit of their banker...'

(Not a word about Gary)

From Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten 11 August 1998:

Disappointing finale featuring Ringo Starr and Co.

By Uffe Forsberg

'...A gig that didn't really matter ... Apart from Jack Bruce, Gary Brooker was the only one to really reach the hearts of the audience - of course with AWSoP. ... The band sounded as if it hadn't left the rehearsal rooms and made it difficult to find an excuse for 90 minutes of trivialities.'

(Photo: Ringo singing.)

From Midtjyllands Avis 10 August 1998 (the local paper):

Intoxicated squirrel carries on partying in the woods. In the wake of the Skanderborg Festival, local residents will feel tempted to search for a certain squirrel.

Saturday (the night of the All Starr Band gig, nem) some animal, probably a squirrel, had made a hole in one of the festival's draught beer pipelines. 'Before we realized the damage 1,780 litres of pure draught beer had poured out on the soil, says chairman of the festival club, Peter Bertholdt.'

(Whether the squirrel enjoyed the All Starr gig or not has not been discovered by the local newspaper.)

Review, Midtjyllands Avis:

'Having a good time with Uncle Ringo. ... a vocally beautiful convincing Brooker in AWSoP ... Ringo made memories really pour out.'

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