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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

November 1997

November 30:

Added John Lennon's comments on A Whiter Shade of Pale

Added a guess at the words for Gary Brooker's 1982 single, Badlands. Is there anyone out there who knows them for certain? Please have a listen and let us know what you think ...

Amended the songbooks page with current publisher-details (thanks to Wilfried van Damme and Martin Clare)

Added to the conflicting credits feature (thanks to Joan May)

November 29:

Added some more pieces about Procol Harum at 1970's Isle of Wight Rock Festival.

November 27:

Added our best guess at the words for Leave the Candle: improvements welcome!

Started a new section for songs (PH and related) whose writing-credits have been published differently in different places. Please mail us with contributions.

November 26:

Added details of a Gary Brooker rarity

Thanks to Robert Moselle, further detail about Fillmore West and House of Blues concerts.

November 25:

Wilfried van Damme has kindly sent us two references to Keith Reid, one concerning his management of Frankie Miller, and one about his play-writing ...

November 24:

More cover-versions!

Who really wrote Summer Nights? Thanks to Pat Keating for elucidating

November 23:

Reorganised the Procol music-scores section and added more material to it.

Added links for the musicians' pages to The Tunes Network.

November 22:

Added liner notes from the Broken Barricades CD: the 'uncanny cat' story.

Added a Brooker interview from a 1969 Italian article (thanks, Antonio!).

Added a 'Rolling Stone' review of Broken Barricades

Added yet another AWSoP cover, and links on the cover-versions page.

Added new section for Press notices and reviews for the albums (for easier navigating)

November 21:

As the new Shine On arrives in our mailboxes, 'Beyond the Pale' launches its text-only version, Shine On-line. Thanks to Diane Rolph and John Grayson for all their hard work on fans' behalf, and for sending us the text for the website!

November 20:

Robert Moselle relates his visits to Procol Harum concerts in California 1995, in company with John Grayson, Henry Scott-Irvine and Kellogs.

November 19:

Added a little about the films of Procol Harum that were shown at the Redhill Party

Added set-lists for concerts at Fillmore West and House of Blues in July 1995: thanks to Robert Moselle

Another cover version of Boredom: thanks to Snake Robertson

November 18:

Many small updates to the musicians' pages linked from here

November 17:

'Procol Harum and Facts of Life': article from Rolling Stone, 1971

Procol Harum in the movies: now updated with links to the Internet Movie Database

Curiously there was another Halcyon Days 'Best of' set issued earlier this year ...

November 16:

Halcyon Daze reviewed in 'Q' magazine: ' ... unlike most of their peers [PH] always aimed for the stars ...'

Incidentally, CompuServe members can read other 'Q' PH reviews by searching this address

November 15:

Added Mark Plummer's article about the making of ' ... one of the most magnificent recordings to come out of the rock age.'

November 14:

Added a review from the Something Magic tour: 'If Procol's concerts were all as fine as this they'd be massively successful again.'

November 13:

Small but worthwhile amendment to Keith Reid's non-Procol songwriting collaborations

November 11:

The track-list for the Halcyon Daze compilation

Added details of another PH songbook, The Art of Rock: thanks to Chris McLaren for this

November 10:

Most of the pages linked from BJ Wilson had somehow escaped 're-mastering': now rectified!

Halcyon Daze as reviewed in 'Mojo' Magazine

November 9:

Added an ill-informed review of Halcyon Daze: the scorn that its author directs against Procol Harum should really be re-directed at the profiteers who keep recycling the same few obvious tracks.

Added an address that might help in the hunt for song-books: thanks to Richard Beck for this.

Added the lyrics for Gary Brooker's solo album Lead me to the Water

Fixed links from the Procol Harum compilation albums to the appropriate song-words

Added a section with links to Keith Reid's work outside Procol Harum

November 6:

An article by Gary Brooker about keyboard instruments, commenting on his own musical education, piano-style and song-writing at the time of Lead Me to the Water

Added curious photographic evidence to the recent 'Vox' article

Changed zillions of links in the album section. Nothing much shows, but the links to the lyrics should now work as intended. Later the links from the compilations will be fixed as well.

November 5:

The Westside Procol Harum 30th Anniversary Anthology: track listing and review added.

November 4:

Vox No 86, December 1997 contains a risible Procol Harum article: we include the e-mail address of the letters editor ...

November 2:

One-hit wonders? Procol's progress in the UK singles chart

A new 'AWSoP' snippet from Joan May

John Peel rationalises the mystifying chart disappointment of 'A Salty Dog' single

A little progress on tracking down published music

November 1:

Added an amusing fragment to the AWSoP archive

Marginally updated Geoff Whitehorn and Dave Bronze's pages

Inaugurated pages for latter-day Procolers Dee Murray, Josh Phillips, Tim Renwick, Henry Spinetti and Ian Wallace though there's scant information on them as yet

Added an excellent picture of Kellogs

Read the current page of what's new at this website

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