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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

October 1997

October 30:

Following the arrival of Michael Ackermann's newsletter, we have updated the Whaling Stories page with a newer address and a request for mailing-list verification

Added some recording news about Gary Brooker.

Added a couple of Industry awards for AWSoP

And a 1974 review of 'Exotic Birds and Fruit'.

October 29:

Started a page for PH songbooks and websites with PH music notated in any form: please send details of anything you know of or happen to find

October 28:

Added some Liquorice John articles: explore links from here, here or here

Thanks to Alan Semok for sending a set-list from a particularly famous concert; please enjoy exploring the Set-lists section and send us your own contribution.

October 27:

Album reviews added for Shine on Brightly and Broken Barricades

October 26:

'How Am I Going To Get Home, Then?': the BJ Wilson feature has been expanded slightly following a further conversation with his friend Kenny White

Three reviews of the A Salty Dog album from 1969 added, as well as upgrades to many other pages such as the musicians' biographies.

October 24:

Rhythm Kings in London: Report from 'The Independent'

October 22:

Gary Brooker, a king among Rhythm Kings: brief report

[Do we really need yet another compilation of tracks from PH's Halcyon Daze?]

October 21: The hunt for lost links

The rearranging of the menu system has had its price. Today it became apparent that lots of articles were not linked. By now most (?) have been resolved, albeit in some instances on a temporary basis. Let us know if you find more lost links.

Two new articles added:

Dump my Thesaurus: words used by Procol Harum but not by the dictionary!

The musical origins of 'Grand Finale'

October 20: 'Beyond the Pale' officially launched.

The layout and structure of the old website, 'Shine on Brightly', have been completely remodelled: we hope this will help you navigate to the features you want. Almost every page has some minor change on it which we hope all visitors will enjoy. Expect this website to expand in the future.

'A Huge Slice of England' -- Roland from BtP's report on the 'Within Our House II' concert at Aldershot.

The Words section has been restructured and improved, with more items including un-released songs such as 'Last Train To Niagara'

Translation of two Italian articles about The Long Goodbye

October 9 to 20, etc:

All through this month we have created and added pages daily – the idea of cataloguing them by date came along only after a lot of hard initial work.

October 8

As a tribute to the great B.J.Wilson on the anniversary of his sad death, 'Beyond the Pale' previewed with a new interview with Barrie's great friend, Kenny White.

Read the current page of what's new at this website

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