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Procol Harum at Abbey Road

Another Beatle connection ...

Jeff Jarratt, who owns the café at London's famous Abbey Road crossing, writes that, "Having travelled along Abbey Road for one reason or another for almost every day for the past 35 years, it never ceases to amaze me that I could probably count on one hand the number of times I have driven past the crossing since the release of The Beatles album in 1969 and not seen someone having their photo taken trying to re-create that now infamous album cover.

Thanks to the intervention of a very active Paler from Scotland, Procol Harum's amusing parody of the Beatles' Abbey Road cover – taken in July 2003 at what appears to be a Roman pedestrian crossing at Pompeii – is to be exhibited at the café's extensive website. At the end of 2010 the crossing – in London – achieved Grade II listed status: read the story here.

You've noticed that random foot, where an interloper has been mostly painted out by Matt Pegg?

The picture was taken by Graham Ewins and sent to BtP by Geoff Whitehorn ... more 2003 tour pictures here

Click here for Procol at Abbey Road in 2014

Jeff Jarratt's name will not be unfamiliar to Procoholics who know their small print! He comments that he 'worked as engineer alongside Chris Thomas producing on the band's Home in 1969/70 at Abbey Road – one more reason that will make it a special pleasure to add the picture to our web site. It will go on to next month's February page.

'The guys have no reason to remember me but when you next see them please give them my regards. They were great musicians to work with and were certainly one of the inspirations that made me carry on in the business all these years.'

Another link comes from Mark Lewisohn's book, The Beatles Complete Recording Sessions: Jeff Jarratt was the engineer (with both George Martin and Chris Thomas producing) for the original recording of Old Brown Shoe, which Gary Brooker recreated so well at the Royal Albert Hall Concert for George.

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