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The Paramounts

Most of these Paramounts became Procols ...

It's a minor problem when exactly the Paramounts were named. The Coasters (as they were called at the time) played their last gig 17 September 1960 at Garon's in Southend. The first gig The Paramounts did under the new name was at The Palace Dance Studio in Southend on 5 November 1960. On the famous Paramounts EP it says in the liner notes 'formed in September 1960' (Frans Steensma) 


Left: Gary Brooker, BarrieWilson, Robin Trower, Diz Derrick
Above: Phil Wainman, Gary Brooker, Dix Derrick, Robin Trower ...
different drummer, same jacket!
In panto gear: Gary, Diz, Phil, Robin

A tribute to Tony Wilkinson, source of much Paramounts' repertoire

A page about Kellogs, the Paramounts' late stage-man

May 2003: new collectable Paramounts CD here

An exquisitely rare Paramounts acetate

Life of Mick Brownlee, 2017, from local paper

The Paramounts in Stafford, UK, 1964

Paramounts memorabilia at 2012's 'Thames Delta' exhibition

NME and the Paramounts: copious journalistic archćology by Yan Friis: part one, part two

Fantastic Paramounts Scrapbook belonging to BJ Wilson's sister Pam

The Paramounts at Abbey Road: 1998's comprehensive and great-sounding compilation

From Record Collector No 39, November 1982: a good history

Liquorice John Death, a band consisting entirely of Paramounts and Procol Harum members!

 From the Liner Notes to Whiter Shades of R & B (illustrated)

Track listing for Whiter Shades of R & B

FabGear's Paramounts page

A Paramounts roadie remembers; promo and performance pictures

Whatever happened to Diz Derrick?

Useful notes can be found in Delerium's Psychedelic Archive

A letter to Record Collector, May 1998, about 'lost' Paramounts tracks

John Bobin: eyewitness and earwitness account of the Paramounts at The Shades

Paramounts records listed in Ronald L Smith's comprehensive Procol Harum discography

Parallels between the antecedent groups of Procol Harum and Abba

Towards a list of Paramounts' gigs

Contemporary reflections on the Southend scene ... and another set of local, contemporary insights

An early picture of the Paramounts at work ... and the Shades Café (exterior)

The Paramounts play a Cambridge May Ball

Paramounts on stage in Southend, December 2005

John Bobin's book about the Southend music scene, Bark Staving Ronkers

Mick Brownlee celebrates his 65th birthday

The Paramounts in Wuppertal, Germany, 1966

Gary Brooker's Verse 1 ... a mysterious track

You Never Had it so Good


Southend's Coffee-Bar Culture in the early Rock'n'Roll years
Letter to Southend press about the Shades Club, and a response by Len Trower ; letter identifying some of the Shades clientele, as shewn in this picture ; letter about Paramounts winning Beat Contest; letter foreseeing the Shades Reunion (Autumn 2005); letter about DJing at the Shades; Robin Trower on the early days, origins of the name Shades, etc; letter about the various clubs of the day; another letter from Len and Shirley Trower; Gary Brooker and several others weigh in; further historical clarifications, mostly about scooters; I wish I could be at the reunion; Rumour that Copping will play Paramounts reunion; Rumour that Trower will play Paramounts reunion; The first Shades reunion (BtP report),  The first Shades reunion (newspaper report)more coffee-bar culture; more more coffee-bar culture, The second Shades reunion (BtP report) | Paramounts reunion article

Photograph of a poster from The Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, sent in by Paramount 'Little' Mick Brownlee, taken at Bournemouth's Bourne Beat Hotel

Wednesday 27 February 1965 (two shows)

Adam Faith
Sandie Shaw
The Barron Knights with Duke D'Mond
The Roulettes
Patrick Kerr
The Paramounts
Freddie Earle

Seats 12/6, 10/6, 9/6, 8/6, 7/6 ... bargain!

This is the same venue where Procol Harum would later make a great live recording of The Blue Danube which came out on a rare Chrysalis 45 rpm single
Paramounts single (March 1964). Few Paramounts singles were released outside England:
this is a Danish release (signed by GB & RT)
Paramounts EP (May 1964) Sought-after collectors' item (signed by GB & RT)
(thanks, Frans, for these two Paramounts record scans)


These three pressings must presumably have belongs to a friend or aficionado of Diz Derrick!

Dave Knight kindly writes to BtP (June 2020)

'Thought you may be interested in this illustration, which is taken from the Leigh Journal from 3 March 1965 (thanks to Brian Leigh).

This was Sandie Shaw's first Cabaret performance.

The Garrick (read more here, and see more clippings) opened its doors in 1961, and various up-and-coming artists passed through its doors during its time: Frank Ifield, PJ Proby, Status Quo, Tom Jones, The Drifters, Craig Douglas, The Ivy League, The Rockin' Berries, Vince Hill, Bob Monkhouse, Diana Dors and Leigh’s own Georgie Fame.

Thanks, Dave!

Buy the Paramounts Live 2005 DVD : Brooker, Trower, Copping, and Brownlee reunited for one night only!  

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