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'Living out of time'

Ken Stasion reviews the 2003 album from Robin Trower

Robin Trower has a new album out, Living Out of Time It is a fantastic album with veteran players: Dave Bronze, Davey Pattison, and Pete Thompson. This is the same line-up that did the albums Passion and Take What You Need. Dave Bronze is certainly no stranger to Procol fans (I met him at Redhill). Pete Thompson has played with Denny Ball (Dave Ball's brother). Davey Pattison is a long-time frontman with Robin and has fronted Ronnie Montrose's band 'Gamma'.

Artwork by Mr Trower himself

Robin is not distributed by a major label so the album is available on his website, This is a powerful album and stands as a testimony to Robin's creative vision and guitar mastery. Fans of phatt Strat tone will revel in Robin's tonal nuances. There are eleven tracks; each one a journey thru Robin's aesthetic terrain.

What's Your Name: a real rocker; comes on like a locomotive out of control. Dave Bronze does some powerful playing. Checkout the opening bass glissando. Bam! Right in the gut!

Step Into The Sun: a driving intro that rocks with Davey Pattison doing his best ever R&B style singing. Robin's acoustic guitar rhythm moves this one along. It's a great road trip song.

Another Time, Another Place: Robin pulls out all the stops the doublestops that is. A bluesy ethereal ballad only Robin could envision. Great phatt Strat tone luscious!

Sweet Angel: this track is featured as a free sample on It is my least favorite track. It seems to have be done before. I don't think it is representative of the majesty of this album. Robin's tone makes it worth a listen though.

Please Tell Me: my favorite track. This is soulful, mysterious, and gut-wrenching. Davey Pattison takes his singing to a new level. You feel the pain. You feel the confusion. Beautiful lyrics. This is Robin Trower!

One Less Victory: lost love and Robin's uni-vibe. The rhythm section of Bronze and Thompson lend this one an air of tribal mystery. You feel broken hearted with them.

The following letter accompanies all TrowerPower Special Edition copies of 'Living Out Of Time' (thanks, Gary Shepard)

Ain't Gonna Wait: probably the best produced song on this album. The drumming is very tasteful. Dave Bronze's pulsing bass moves Robin's harmonic suspensions along to an octave-style chorus. Great lead/feedback solo. Slight flanging on the vocals gives it an aura of ethereality.

Life Out of Time: Rock n' Roll! This one kicks it is angry! Robin rocks: finger vibrato deluxe! Bronze and Thompson will blow you thru a wall.

The Past Untied: Strats in space. Davey Pattison's melodic vocal vibrato make this one a sweet ballad. More great Robin finger vibrato too.

You Still Came Back: the lyrics are intriguing a return to the scene of a crime. This song is not as interesting as the others but the talents of the band make it work.

I Want To Take You With Me: a gentle excursion thru space and time with an extended instrumental outro, that is an aural experience not to be missed. This is some of Robin's finest improvisation. The rhythm section never lets you down.

It's no secret I'm a massive Trower fan but really if there was something lame, I'd say it. Do yourself a favor, get this album. Savor it and see what you think. I thought it was available only thru Robin's website, but Derek Sutton contacted me and informed me that they do indeed have a deal in place in time for Christmas distribution. Hey why not give the gift of TROWER! The CDs from his website are autographed by Robin and are something special for any fan wanting something that personalised.

The music industry has gotten so pathetic that an artist of Robin's stature and talent can't get a deal. I believe Procol has had a similar experience. It's up to us, the fans to keep the music viable and available. Computers are fantastic but it's a double-edged sword. Read this message from Derek Sutton (below) and please don't pirate an artist's work. Don't rip or boot copies or share on the web. Let's be the solution, not the problem. Thanks for reading this.

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