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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

July 2009

July 31:

Added No 1 in an occasional series in which Procol Harum fans recommend other music that they enjoy, pointing out parallels between occasionally very diverse genres.

We welcome other contributions for this series!

July 30:

Added another report from Procol Harum's concert in ─ńnekoski (thanks, Christer and Timo)

The House of Lords have made their decision in the AWSoP case, according to BBC news by re-instating the 2006 High Court verdict.

More on here and Fox News here. These sites seems to be updating their stories, so you may be well-advised to visit them more than once.

The Telegraph, Financial Times

The full verdict can be read here

Matthew Fisher comments on his website here

Thanks to everybody for sending relevant links to BtP or posting them on the Beanstalk. Undoubtedly there will be several more media coverings of the story.
BtP will try to post links to all articles that cover the story without simply repeating what others already wrote.

July 29:

Added pictures from Procol Harum's recent concert in Finland

July 28:

Added an interesting Anaheim Procol review (thanks, Anvil)

Remind yourself of this fascinating and revealing page on the same subject 

July 27:

Added photographs that show a good way to customise your car, if you own one (thanks, Thomas) 

July 26:

 Added a page depicting the classic 1967 'Black Album' tee-shirt ... more Procol Harum tee-shirt snaps are welcome, of course: click here

Added a link to a Finnish blog comment on Procol Harum's performance at the Keitelejazz festival (thanks, Tenho)

July 25: BtP was updated late owing to connection problems while travelling back from Finland – normal operation will now resume

Added Roland's concert impressions from the heroic and ususual gig in Finland on Thursday

July 24:

Added the alarming setlist for a gig that was as memorable as it was full of pain

July 23: Procol Harum play ─ńnekoski tonight!

Added a third dekko at the Br°nn°ysund concert through the Nikon of Webmaster Jens

July 22: Procol Harum play ─ńnekoski tomorrow

Sorry for upload problems from hotel in Helsinki, which caused incomplete pages.

Added a second glimpse of the Br°nn°ysund concert through the lens of Webmaster Jens

Added a link ... here ... to the festival's official photo page, which contains a concert report as well (thanks, Dagfinn)

July 21:

'... I could just see the lovely photo that Jack unfortunately didn't take ...'

Added an impressionistic page about Jack Bond's reactions to the 'magnificent racket' of the young Matthew Fisher (thanks, Joan)

July 20:

Added a characteristically involved account of Procol Harum's splendid Norwegian concert

July 19:

Added some good first photograph impressions of Procol Harum's recent Norwegian show

Added a link to an archive from Norwegian TV yesterday. Warning: you may get a glimpse of some familiar faces :-)

July 18:

 Added a remarkable setlist from Procol Harum's return to the stage on Norway (thanks, Procol Harum)

July 17: Procol Harum play Br°nn°ysund tonight!

Added a review of Separation in London on Tuesday (thanks, Ian)


 July 16: Procol Harum play Br°nn°ysund tomorrow and ─ńnekoski in a week's time

Added photographs taken when Procol Harum fans got together in London for the 21st century premiŔre of the film Separation ... which Procol fans have known about since they first bought the Procol Harum album ... but had never seen hitherto 

July 15:

Added links to enable you to pre-order the the next three Salvo Procol re-releasesBroken Barricades, Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, and Grand Hotel (thanks, Richard) 

July 14:

 ' ... he’d rise up, swaying, as he unleashed the solos ... but BJ would be twisting time by extending the drum fills ... they’d manage to create this sense of tension ...'

Added a 1974 setlist for a gig whose existence was hitherto contentious, and a really vivid concert report to boot (thanks, David)

Here's all we previously knew about it

Added a note to the BtP online store page, about forthcoming orders

July 13:  Here is the ten-day weather forecast for ─ńnekoski where Procol Harum will play in ten days' time

Coming tomorrow ... Separation on the South Bank with Procol Harum and Matthew Fisher music, unheard in a generation
Added a page for the Separation DVD ... we look forward to receiving some reviews of this item (thanks, Charlie)

Anyone need a free ticket to hear Procol headlining in Norway on 17 July? E-mail Ian Hockley quickly!

July 12:

Added a page about a new album for fans of Rock and Baroque (thanks, Les

July 11:

'We were born too late (and in the wrong place!) ...'

Added the first response to this page of Procol memories (thanks, BfP). More welcome, of course!

Coming on 14 July ... Separation on the South Bank with Procol Harum and Matthew Fisher music, unheard in a generation

July 10: Procol Harum play Br°nn°ysund in a week's time

Added an interesting review of the second Procol Harum album with its bonus-tracks (thanks, all)

July 9: Procol Harum play ─ńnekoski in a fortnight's time

'So why do I own all these re-issues, if I never intended to buy them?'

Added a review of the first four Salvo reissue albums with their bonus tracks (thanks, Fred)

July 8:

'I remember thinking that night that if I died right then it would be OK ...'

Added a fan's memoir of three early Procol Harum dates in America: can you help to flesh them out with additional information? (thanks, Bill)

July 7: Here is the ten-day weather forecast for Br°nn°ysund, where Procol Harum will play on 17 July

Added to the Ozzy Awsop page (thanks, Joan)

Made various useful changes to pages here, here, here and here

July 6:

'You can take dogshit and cover it in chocolate ...'

Tweaked this elaborate page in various ways, and added a soundclip from 20 August 2006 to it, in which Gary Brooker explains, among other matters, about the circumstances of recording the Something Magic album and The Worm and the Tree

Added the same sound clip to this relevant page (with another clip from the same speech) and also to this relevant page

July 5:

As excitement mounts in the days before Procol Harum return to the concert stage, added an illustrated page in which we review the band's activity since they gave what many took to be their final performance

July 4:

' ... This is a technically impressive DVD but the concert itself was simply a misguided idea ... '

Added a less than glowing review of Procol Harum's new DVD, Live at Ledreborg (thanks, Charlie)

You can vote at the foot of this page as to whether you consider the review fair: it will be interesting to see how fan opinion divides. And if you don't think it's true that Procol was 'cobbled together piecemeal', you can mail the critic here – in fact you can e-mail him whatever your opinion is.

A note from Matt Pegg: 'I am off to Denmark in the morning to play at the Tuno Festival near Aarhus with The Gathering ... a bit short notice I know!' (thanks, Matt)

A note from Geoff Dunn: 'Playing at the Montreal Jazz Festival with Ola Onabule on 6 July' (thanks, Geoff)

July 3: Procol Harum play Br°nn°ysund in two weeks' time

' ... have they run out of ideas, these people? They've just become their own tribute bands, relying on fans' good nature and bottomless pockets to support their degenerate old age ...'

Added another great review of Procol Harum's new CD, Live at Ledreborg (thanks, Chris)

July 2: Procol Harum play ─ńnekoski in three weeks' time

'Gary Brooker was never young ... the bastard can still hit every note of the demanding Dog in the original key ...'

Added one more great review of Procol Harum's new DVD, Live at Ledreborg (thanks, Chris)

July 1:

' ... Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful stuff here ... '

Added a great review of Procol Harum's new DVD, Live at Ledreborg (thanks, Chris)

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