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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

September 2002

September 30:

"Brooker's voice ... was a timid and ... off-key shadow ... and BJ Wilson ... attacked his drums as if they were made of porcelain"

Added a very revealing article about what really happened and what was really played at the celebrated Edmonton concert in 1972, now available on CD re-release (see here to order) (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

September 29:

Added some Brooker images taken offstage on tour with Ringo Starr in 1999 (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

September 28: RIP Tim Rose, who lately supported Procol Harum at Croydon

Added an interesting Dave Ball interview, given to Melody Maker shortly after he left Procol Harum (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

September 27: Today: Procol Harum broadcast (from Hell!) on NRK1 and Internet Radio ... see here for details

'But the one drawback of seeing the group live ...'

Added a page which ... despite a somewhat sycophantic tone ... raises a valid criticism of Procol shows in the early 70s. (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

September 26: Tomorrow: Procol Harum broadcast (from Hell!) on NRK1 and Internet Radio ... see here for details

Did you know that Grand Hotel is a European-styled Hotel California ?!

Added a review of four Procol Harum CD re-releases (thanks, Larry) which compares interestingly with another, similar page.

September 25:

Where could one go, at present, to see Procol's Geoff Whitehorn playing on stage in a DJ and bow-tie? Read all about it here

September 24:

Added a nice graphic to a very good article about Procol Harum in Atlanta, 1970 (thanks, Dave)

Added a very interesting picture of Procol Harum in Atlanta, 1969 (thanks Ron and Tony)

September 23:

Added a page about Procol Harum at the Rainbow, and the film thereof which was to be shown on TV around the world (thanks Yan, thanks Unsteady Freddie)

September 22:

Added an excerpt from a book of interviews that reveals the working methods of Trower and Fisher in the Bridge of Sighs era (thanks, Cathy)

September 21:

Added some excellent customer reviews of the 2001 Live Procol DVD

September 20:

Added some nice pictures featuring Mssrs Reid and Brooker, taken in 1995 after Annie Haslam's Lilies of the Field Bosnia Benefit concert (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

September 19:

Added another picture of the early 70s Procol line-up to our page of miscellaneous pictures (thanks, Larry)

Added a page about the common origins behind Procol Harum and Mott the Hoople (thanks, Niels-Erik)

September 18:

Added a picture (featuring Keith Reid) to our page about the Gary Brooker / John Lee Hooker CD (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

September 17:

Added a poster from 1970, mentioning Procol Harum (thanks, Dave)

Added The Pursuit of Happiness to our non-covers page (thanks, Rob)

September 16:

Added a nice poster to our pictorial miscellany, inviting us to dance to Love, Procol Harum and the Chicago Transit Authority ... remember them? (thanks, Barry)

Added, to the same page, a magazine cover from 1968 ... does anyone have a copy of the article it contains? (thanks, Beverly)

Did you know that someone has been on Australian Stars in Their Eyes as Procol Harum? Details (scant!) here ... but there must be a Procol-fan 'down under' who can tell us more ... (thanks, Sam)

September 15:

Added some images of Gary Brooker (along with Bruce and Kirke) taken backstage on tour with Ringo Starr in 1999 (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

September 14:

Added a translation (into English) of a very nice, recent review of Procol in Poland (thanks Mirek, thanks Edyta)

You may remember The Surrealists of Rock, the searching Procol interview conducted for Deutschlandfunk (a station for which Gary Brooker later presented his own choice of music) ... the same interviewer has now collected a nice story from Donovan about how Dylan introduced him to the Beatles and how George Harrison took sitar-lessons in India with Ravi Shankar. It has no Procol content but it's interesting listen: click here (thanks, Steffen)

September 13: Today: Procol Harum broadcast (from Hell!) on NRK1 and Internet Radio ... see here for details

Following the interest raised by this page, added another (less opaque!) photo mystery from the same lensman (thanks, Bert)

Added another interesting piece of evidence that 'whiter shade of pale' has absolutely passed into common parlance ... search for 'Uffington'(thanks, Jane, thank you Martin, et al)

September 12: Tomorrow: Procol Harum broadcast on NRK1 and Internet Radio ... see here for details. [Well done, Sev!]

Added a transcript of the recent Brooker / Cordell remarks about A Whiter Shade of Pale (thanks, Jeandré)

September 11: Today at 5.15pm on BBC2 Procol cover-versioneer Sev Lewkowicz from the Palers' Band may be seen as a contestant on The Weakest Link ...

Added a couple of 1991 Procol touring pictures (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

Which reminds us ... can you help out with moredates played by the band in 1991?

September 10: Tomorrow at 5.15pm on BBC2 Procol cover- versioneer Sev Lewkowicz from the Palers' Band may be seen as a contestant on The Weakest Link ...

Added a nice picture of Sophia Loren to our page about the words 'A whiter shade of pale' used in a non-Procol context(thanks, John)

Added a poetical reflection on the meaning of the record, A Whiter Shade of Pale (thanks, Bill)

September 9:

Reorganised our page about Chris Copping's music, and added some items (search for 'Hester' and for 'Jamboree'). If you like the mp3 clip of The Best in Town there is still the chance to get the whole song on CD from the Crowded House / Split Enz fan site ... details are on the page (thanks, Chris)

Added a sartorial note here about the first Procol DVD (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

September 8:

Now and then it's interesting to read a less-than- enthusiastic review of a Procol gig ... (thanks, Niels-Erik)

September 7:

Procol misprints are legion, and corrections are rare!

Added somewhat to our coverage of the Procol gig at Bramhall ... and there are posters to be had, if you collect such things! (thanks, davelee)

Added a small scan of a large Procol advertisement from the current edition of Mojo, and two scans of the actual CDs, just in case you have not yet ordered your Live at Edmonton or Broken Barricades reissue CD from Repertoire Records yet! A direct ordering link is provided on the page.

September 6:

Rejigged our page about the mammoth 56-track Procol-A-and-B sides CD from Repertoire records, to include scans of the discs themselves, and several links to shed light on some of the rarer titles. A direct ordering link for this indispensible item is provided on the page

September 5:

Added a brief comment from Karel Fialka about his work with Matthew Fisher (thanks, Joan and Karel)

What great bands of the 60s and 70s exhibit staying power? Read the opinion of the LA Times music critic (thanks, Gusto)

September 4:

Added somewhat to our page about Ozzy Osbourne and his love for Procol Harum (thanks, Bob)

Added an authoritative ... yet not yet conclusive ... response to yesterday's page about the mysterious interloper, or interlopess, in the Procol curtain-call (thanks, Carol)

By the way no Procol Harum content here there is to be a one-off concert by The Nice (minus David O'List, sadly) at the Festival Hall, London, on 6 October 2002 (thanks, Ken)

September 3:

Added a mysterious page extending one of the 1990s Procol stage-shots we saw here inviting you to name the female participant in New York a Procol curtain call ... have a look, and let us know (thanks, Bert)

Corrected an unwittingly funny misprint in 1 September's offering (thanks, Martin)

Updated the final caption on this page of studio pictures (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

September 2:

Added another page of Procol pictures taken during the recording of The Prodigal Strangeralbum (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

September 1:

'I rather like Procol Harum not to become too popular. They're much too good, too unique, and original to be rock stars ...'

Added a review of the Edmonton album, published in a newspaper with a classic 'period' name (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

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