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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

September 1999

September 30:

Added a best-guess Hollywood Bowl set list: if you know better, please mail us!

Refreshed this interesting page with illustrations (thanks, Beverly and latterly Larry)

September 29:

Corrected a puzzling oversight by adding the (excellent!) words of SS Blues to our page of Brooker song-words (thanks, Phil)

Updated the Russian page (thanks, Jonas)

September 28:

Welcome aboard, Martha Kate Grayson, born Sunday morning : congratulations Christine and John : Shine on Brightly!

Added some details of a hitherto unknown double compilation album (thanks, Tormod)

Added a picture of Gary Brooker in overalls (thanks, Phil)

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September 27:

Swimming Against the Tide, 1979: the final drops of Procol Harum news in their chart context, sadly extracted for BtP from the New Musical Express by Yan Friis, of whom we publish a nice portrait! In tonight's episode, the Procol split is confirmed only by start of Brooker's solo career: he's still a 'cult figure' to his publicist, but damning reviewers consider the music of this 'friendly old ruminant' to be 'too tasteful by half' ... unless you're a closet Stalinist ...

September 26:

We've added a caption now to the dramatic mystery picture from September 4th (thanks, Dave)

Procol Harum + orchestra : banal marketing ploy? (thanks, Sam)

'Stinging like bees / itching like fleas' department: best wishes to the First Mate, following the Commander's adventures into pest-control: apparently it was not 'a wasp without a sting' ...

September 25:

Updated our covers page again with some good details - not least a Germanic AWSoP from the Firefuckers, a German-language version of the same, a Homburg that comes complete with rotund pig, and an AWSoP with 'do-I-have-to-play-this-rubbish' drumming (thanks, Bert / Juergen / Pierangelo / Sam)

Here's a better e-mail address for those of you who have been trying to order A Salty Sequence; apologies for having published a stale one (thanks, Ethan)

September 24:

A seven-and-a-half minute true-stereo Trower / Wilson Repent Walpurgis?

Added some enticing news from Westside records (thanks, Tony)

September 23:

To complete our hat-trick of Salty Dog cover pages, added a feature about an exponent of Procol Harum for electric 'cello. Do mail Jeffrey if you want to hear his work, or urge him to play ASD in Connecticut, 2000.

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September 22:

To follow yesterday's Salty Dog cover page, added a feature about A Salty Sequence, a remarkable feat of programming from a dedicated Procoholic (thanks, Ethan)

September 21:

Nice to be able to add covers of three very early PH singles to our covers page (thanks, Bert, Sam and Sev)

Added a review of a CD by a long-time fan who has played on the same bill as Procol Harum, been in a band with Dave Ball, and released a cover of A Salty Dog: lots to read on this page ... !

September 20:

Added pictorial evidence about the vinyl Procol album that came out in Russia in 1992 (thanks, Beverly)

Reworded a page that has been misunderstood by numerous Palers who were reading the 'record-care' text and ignoring the two catalogue numbers.

Added new Palers (from Corsica, USA and Thailand) to our list of Procol Online friends, which now stands at 267 persons. If you're not on this list and would like to be, please sign up here. Then you can be sure that we will send you any crucial Procol news, while other PH fans in your part of the world will be able to get in touch with you.

September 19:

Swimming Against the Tide, 1978: the ebbing of Procol Harum news in its chart context, kindly extracted for BtP from the New Musical Express by Yan Friis: Talk of Gary Brooker 'of vestal virgins fame' who might be 'spinning in his grave' as various artists rehash the 'nonsensical lyrics' he made famous in a forgotten epoch.

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September 18:

Added a page requesting fans to contribute material to the CD liner for a proposed legitimate Procol BBC concert release. Please give this page the attention it deserves! (thanks, Sue)

September 17:

Added an evocative pre-Home article from the French Rock et Folk from 1970: Keith Reid reacts to a disappointing gig, and explains the circumstances of Fisher's leaving (thanks, Malène)

September 16:

Added an admirable essay about the relation between Procol Harum and The Band - this has been updated since it first appeared on the author's own site (many thanks, Sam)

September 15:

Started a page for miscellaneous Procol images: contributions welcome (thanks, Larry and John)

Added a BJ tribute (thanks, Kevin)

September 14:

'Rick Wakeman and Procol Harum aren't talking these days'.

Added a brief piece of Procol touring history from Rolling Stone, 1975 (thanks, Matthias)

September 13:

Added a picture of Andy Warhol: but why?

Refreshed our concerts page with an illustration (double thanks, John O)

September 12:

Added a 'Search BtP' button to the foot of every page.

The BtP Search engine has been updated. Again it corrupted 'The Beanstalk' and 'Still There'll be More', and we suspect some of you got strange messages in your mailboxes. We apologise. We need to find a new way to implement this search engine. But the good thing is, it has been updated. So please feel free to use it and explore the site.

Also added an important message for subscribers to the Shine On newsletter. Please visit the Shine On page at BtP.

September 11:

Added a page about the four Westside '!' releases that have also come out in Japan : a must for completists (thanks, Fujii)

You might like to revisit this somewhat-related page also?

September 10:

Swimming Against the Tide: final 1977 Procol Harum news in its chart context, kindly extracted for BtP from the New Musical Express by Yan Friis: Procol existing only in the mind of Keith Reid, while Brooker, Copping (fleetingly) and Wilson (biggest disappointment of the evening) are heard only in the context of Reid's fine protegé, Frankie Miller.

September 9:

Added numerously to the page recording uses of the phrase 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' used outside a Procoloid context (thanks, Joan): please contribute if you can!

Added welcome news of recording activity from Chris Copping at the foot of this page (thanks, Stewart)

Refreshed our list of setlists with an illustration (thanks, Beverly) 

Sorry if BtP seems temporarily unresponsive:
Jens is away from home and
Roland's ISP will be down until Saturday

September 8:

Added a memo (a welcome contribution from one of the many new Palers) of the first time that AWSoP was played on BBC radio (thanks, Joseph)

Refreshed our Music Publishers' page with an illustration (thanks, Beverly)

September 7:

Added some great new contributions to our BJ tributes page (thanks, folks)

September 6:

'I liked the new songs much more than the old ones...'

Added a review of the PH Utrecht gig in 1992, which contrasts markedly with our previous page on the same subject (thanks, Fred)

September 5:

Added another page of pictures and commentary to a noble series at BtP which newcomers may not have entirely explored: it features affectionate and informative commentary on a wide range of PH pictures (thanks, Larry)

September 4:

Perhaps it wasn't surprising that not many people guessed the bizarre reason why we had that picture of a magnificent crag at BtP: answer now here (thanks, Sam)

How about some suggestions for this equally dramatic mystery picture? (thanks, Mystery Donor)

Corrected the date on this page (thanks, Alan)

September 3:

Swimming Against the Tide: dramatic 1977 Procol Harum news in its chart context, kindly extracted for BtP from the New Musical Express by Yan Friis: PH postponing gigs, releasing an ill-received album and single, playing good live sets (though not the Jubilee show at Tower Bridge) and then losing their guitarist ...

Added a Top 5 album poll voted by Palers, August 1999 (thanks, Dieter)

Added another link to the links page, this time for George Starostin's Procol Harum Reviews which are full of detail and interest: a must-read for self-respecting Palers.

September 2:

Added a page that looks very much like a leaf from the kind of stamp collection you only dream about after one too many aubergines (thanks, Jeff)

September 1:

Added another page of black-and white Procol portraits - including the tenth-anniversary cake - from a private collection (thanks, WRES2345)

Big thanks to Peter Christian in London, UK, for keeping BtP afloat while its curators had jumped ship !

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