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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

August 2002

August 31:

Added the text of a Spanish-language version of Homburg (thanks, Martin)

August 30:

Added a remarkable page showing three original Procolers at work on the recording of The Prodigal Stranger album (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

August 29:" Happy Birthday Geoff Whitehorn and Chris Copping

Amazon USA is now taking orders for Broken Barricades and Singles A's and B's

Added illustrations to various pages: an eight-track cartridge here, a reel-to-reel box here, and a Record Mirror front cover here (thanks, Beverly)

August 28:

Added some interesting items to the picture-sleeve collection: one from Peru here, and one from Portugal here (thanks, Lars)

August 27:

Added a piece about 'My own personal Basement Analysts' (thanks, Breck)

August 26:

Added some pictures of fans celebrating in Croydon ... and some backs-of-heads at the gig ... the next one could be yours (thanks, One-Eye

August 25:

When did Procol Harum have three bassists? You're thinking Redhill, 1997 of course so you may be surprised by this extraordinary 1972 Press-Release (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

Added a Gary Brooker / Ad Visser record sleeve(thanks, Knut)

August 24:

Added some onstage action pictures from the recent Procol Harum gig at Silkeborg, Denmark(thanks, Claes Valentin)

August 23:

'One side of music that is likely to remain on your turntable long after you've outgrown rock and roll '

Added a review of Something Magic, published quite a while after the Old Testament Procol Harum had disbanded (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

August 22:

Added some pictures from the fan-convention that almost wasn't (thanks, Ken)

August 21:

Added a page about Croydon reprised, (and 'a real bummer in Newcastle') (thanks, George and thanks, Titti)

August 20:

Added some additional Croydon pictures, of mingling band and fans (thanks, Martin)

August 19:

'It is a triumph of the first order '

Added a review of the Edmonton album from the LA Times (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

August 18:

Added a page of pictures showing Procol Harum in action at Croydon (thanks, Hermann and Derek)

August 17:

One could not even escape from it in the farthest corners'

Added a fascinating article about A Whiter Shade of Pale, used in a Dutch novel as an emblem for story-telling (thanks, Fred)

August 16:

Added a page of pictures showing a Spanish Procol fan in 'The Story about a Shirt' (thanks, Martin)

August 15:

'Procol Harum is five men now (excluding Reid, who in every sense is their most important musician)'

Added a review of the Edmonton album and an extraordinarily opinionated and occasionally erroneous career retrospective too from the Syracuse New Times (thanks, Unsteady Freddie)

August 14:

The long avaited  Repertoire re-issues of the classic Procol Harum albums Live  and Broken Barricades finally ships. More details and ordering information here.

Also, an interesting compilation from Repertoire: Singles A's and B's including rarities as Blue Danube and Adagio di Albinoni. Preliminary detals and ordering information here.

Norwegian radio announces more Procol Haurm concer recordings to be aired this fall. And you can listen in on Internet. See here.

August 13:

Added a page of pictures showing Procol Harum in action at Bramhall (thanks, Eilish)

August 12:

Added a report from a recent Gary Brooker appearance with Jools Holland and Eric Clapton. (Thanks Lou)

August 11: Let's do it! Have a look at  Let's share the workload and add all Procol Harum covers here

Added a good page of Procol portraits from a Danish gig in 1973 (thanks, Claes Valentin)

August 10:

Added some more pictures of fans congregating during the Procol weekend in Croydon (thanks, Hans)

Added another Procol songbook to our out-of-print page (thanks, Beverly)

August 9:

Added pictures and text from a 1967 European magazine (thanks, David)

August 8:

Which Procol Harum musicians made their big-screen début 'perched in a tree like a bunch of vultures' in a film later known as The Artful Penetration of Barbara?

Added a page that tells all, in style (thanks, Ranjit)

August 7:

Added a page of atmospheric pictures taken at the Procol gig at Zoetermeer, in the Netherlands (thanks, Margreet)

Meet the Socialist People's Party Mayor of the Copenhagen suburb of Gladsaxe, Peter Lawrence Brooker no relation, but definitely a fan (thanks, Niels-Erik)

August 6:

Added a page of pictures showing Brooker and Fisher in action at Croydon (thanks, Hermann and Derek)

August 5:

Added a 1992 setlist from the Konserthuset, Göteborg, Sweden (thanks, Bo and Bengt)

August 4:

'... a fantastic piece of strange psychedelia that holds up so much stronger than its peers ...'

Added an excellent PH67 review from a recent instalment of Echoes from Esoterica (thanks, Jason)

August 3:

Added some pictures from The Palers' Fair in Croydon on 25 May 2002 (thanks, Thomas)

Added, to a page of miscellaneous pictures, a scan of a very unusual Home-era portrait of Procol Harum ['Keith Reid, organ'] (thanks, Beverly)

August 2:

Added a page of pictures taken on- and back-stage at a Danish gig in 1973 (thanks, Claes Valentin)

August 1:

Added some pictures of Procol Harum at BtP's 'One More Toast' in Croydon in May (thanks, Thomas)

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