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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

February 2002

February 28: Tomorrow: Procol from Hell on Norwegian radio P1: listen on the Internet !

Added a setlist from Procol Harum at UMIST Manchester, 1975 (thanks Dave, K)

Added a most tasty little morsel of JS Bach in mp3 form to illustrate two pages about Learn to Fly : here and here

Added more dates and an illustration to our list of 1992 tours

Three points about the upcoming British concerts:

February 27:

Added a page about the arrangements for fans' pre-concert get-together in Newcastle on 24 May (thanks, Rob)

Added some 1996 dates to our Procol on the road list, including the Belgian TV gig formerly thought to have belonged to 1995 (thanks, Frans)

Added pictures of recent Procol posters to pages here and here ... borrowed from the Danish Procol Harum site (thanks, Niels-Erik)

February 26:

Added another concert date to this year's schedule of Procol engagements (thanks, Mark and Diane)

Added several more dates to our roster of 1992 concerts

Added the URL for the complete online memorial service to our page agout Douglas Adams (Gary Brooker performed Holding On) (thanks, David)

February 25:

Added the playlist and many sound samples (please listen to them) from's fifth, extraordinary Procol Marathon Broadcast (thanks, No 6)

Added Gary Brooker's statement to fans from 24 February 2002 to this page.

February 24:

Fans will be aware of talk about a new studio project from Procol Harum and Eagle Records, following an apparent confirmation from a member of that company's staff.

Gary Brooker's statement to fans this morning (24 February 2002) is as follows:

'There are talks going on with Eagle, but it would be premature to make an announcement. When it's firmed up, the band will let fans know, as always.'

We appreciate Gary's going to the trouble of arbitrating in the present instance. 

From BtP's experience (and we get sent many, many 'hot tips'), exciting Procol news is often pre-contractual, and we have many times had to bite our tongues until confirmation is received; sometimes, of course, it isn't! Concert tickets do sometimes go on sale before contracts are signed; employees do occasionally make announcements before artists have inked in their names. In this instance, BtP had agreed with Eagle A&R to make no public statement until there was something definite to say.

Of course fans have recently acted in good faith and understandable excitement, and we all very much hope for excellent news later this year. But if you pick up a hint or find something out about Procol activity, please run it by the band's management (send a mail to BtP for forwarding) before going public on the e-list. Things are not always what they seem from the outside, and – specially in the present instance – no-one wants a premature declaration to risk rocking the contractual boat.

Added some more information about finding the Procol Fans' Base-Camp Hotel for 25 May. Book your place now!

Made a small start on a list of concert dates for Procol Harum from 1992 (thanks, Steve and Marvin) ... more welcome!

Added some extra gigs to the 1993 Procol tour schedule (thanks, Sam) ... more welcome!

Added various links to a music website … they're at the foot of some pages you may be interested to reread: The Surrealists of Rock and Gary Brooker's own radio show (thanks, Steffen)

February 23: RIP Clyde 'AJ' Johnson. BtP received the news of his death with great sadness, and we extend our sincere condolence to his parents, his brother Buddy, and his many good friends among fellow Procol Harum fans. Clyde's many contributions to this website were greatly valued and enjoyed; a musician and technophile, he was a big-hearted fount of insight and expertise and a very generous sharer of knowledge and of actual Procolabilia. Play Repent Walpurgis, when you read this, in his honour.

Added, in memoriam, the ninth part – the extended Repent Walpurgis – of 'The Secrets of the Hive' / 'Extracting the Honey', Clyde and Larry's unique analysis of the Westside Pandora's Box album of Procol Harum rarities and remixes. This was the last piece that Clyde wrote for BtP, leaving this much-enjoyed series regrettably unfinished. Shine On Brightly, 'AJ'. We shall miss you.
Remember to tune in today for the fifth Procol Harum marathon from including the brand-new Keith Reid interview, Fisher rarities, Palers' Band music and Jens's BtP interview

February 22: In thirteen weeks' time Procol Harum play the Opera House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Tomorrow ... the fifth Procol Harum marathon from including the brand-new Keith Reid interview, Fisher rarities, Palers' Band music and BtP interview

Added a schedule of Procol dates from 1993, for which we need some dates … all assistance is welcome! (thanks, One-Eye)

Added a note about a 1995 Belgian Concert for which we lack dates and place … again, all assistance is welcome! (thanks, Sam)

Added a note about a Grand Hotel towel(thanks, Freddie)

February 21: BtP will start confirming your hotel-bookings for Croydon shortly. So far, none of you have received confirmation from us – but not to worry: all received bookings are OK (we are just doing these things in batches)

Added a page with full details of the Palers' Events that will take place before and after the Croydon concert on 25 May. One ticket covers both the Palers' Fair and the Champagne Reception, 'One More Toast'.

Booking for these two events is now open for visitors to 'Beyond the Pale' so please order your tickets online now (you can pay using PayPal – fully explained on the page). Places are limited so please don't delay: these tickets will shortly also be offered to the public via the Croydon gig's own booking system (at a higher price).

Added details of two suitable hotels in Newcastle where fans attending the Procol concert on 24 May can congregate (thanks, Rob)

You can also reserve your place at the Palers' Base-camp Hotel in Croydon for 25 May.

February 20:

Added two items of interest to our illustrations of 45 rpm Procol records: search for 'South Africa' here and 'Flautista' here (thanks, Lars)

Updated links on Robin Trower's BtP page to enable fans to find the relocated Trower fan site, which incidentally among many treasures includes (here) Robin's comments about Keith Reid attending his 1997 rehearsals, and Robin's commitments at the time of the Redhill Procol Party(thanks, Steve)

Added a link, at the top of our compendium of Procol websites, to a new deutschsprachige homepage (thanks, Paul)

Three useful reminders:

February 19:

Added a note about the album Anyone for Mozart, Bach, Handel, Vivaldi in connection with Grand Hotel's Christianne LeGrand (thanks, Beverly)

Added another item (search for 'Baksh') to the AWSoP covers page (thanks, Beverly)

February 18:

Geoff Whitehorn has recently made a solo recreation of A Whiter Shade of Pale for the UK's Guitar Techniques magazine, showing how the song has evolved a guitar-part for live stage use with the present touring band.

Added the commentary from the magazine(thanks, Michael)

February 17:

Following a careful and fruitful fact-finding trip to Croydon, where Procol Harum play on 25 May, added a page introducing the chosen Base-Camp Hotel for Palers, including full details of the rooms available and how to book. We are confident this will be an excellent place to stay, and it is extremely easy to get to, and close to the concert hall.

Watch 'Beyond the Pale' in coming days for details of two special social gatherings on that day, the Palers' Fair before the concert, and the champagne reception for Procol Harum afterwards, to celebrate the exact 35th anniversary of A Whiter Shade of Pale topping the UK charts. These will be ticketed affairs, and we will be announcing booking arrangements shortly.

If you are going to the Newcastle Procol gig, and want somewhere to stay, and somewhere to meet fellow-fans – and maybe to share transport south for the Croydon show – then visit this page and contact Paler Rob Barnes, who has done his research and is waiting to hear from you.

February 16: In fourteen weeks' time Procol Harum play the Fairfield Halls, Croydon

Today : Warsaw Concert on Polish radio: listen on the Internet!

'I think Procol may surprise you at some point. I just have that feeling.'

Added the second part of the text of's fascinating interview with Procol guitarist, Geoff Whitehorn : it includes sound clips! (thanks, No 6)

February 15: In fourteen  weeks' time Procol Harum play the Opera House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Tomorrow : Warsaw Concert on Polish radio: listen on the Internet! (thanks, Mirek)

Added the Grand Hotel liner notes from the Castle CD: a particularly useful addition, since the original font is so very difficult to read (thanks, Mark)

February 14: Tomorrow's scheduled transmission – Procol from Hell on Norwegian radio P1 – has been re-scheduled to 1 March and 15 March owing to the Olympic Games (maybe because Norway so far has won most gold medals?)

Added some very unusual fan + idol Procol pictures (thanks, Dave K) … is this going to start a flood of similar items?

Added a graphic to this page about Procol's chart progress (thanks, Ross)

Added some more thoughts to the page in which fans offer comments about the 'meaning' of A Whiter Shade of Pale: search for 'same crappy teacher' (thanks, Michael)

Added some clarification about 'Paramount Northwest' to the 1973 tour page (thanks, Daniel)

Added an illustration to this 70s tour page … it may also be found on this Supertramp page (thanks, Dave T)

Don't forget to vote for any of Procol Harum's fine drummers in this month's Modern Drummer poll (thanks, Joan)

February 13: Ten years ago today Procol Harum recorded the fine live album, One More Time

Polish radio will be broadcasting the 2001 Warsaw Concert shortly: see here for details(thanks, Mirek)

Added a list of concerts played by Procol Harum in 1995. It may not be complete, and some of the shows listed may not have taken place … so please drop us a line if you are able to correct any of the information.

At the same time, remind yourself of Gary Brooker's tour diary from that year!

February 12:

We're delighted that another kind sponsor has come forward to help BtP with the costs of keeping so many pages and pictures online.

Ken Stasion is a New Jersey musician whom we met at the Manchester Convention last year – he'd apparently sent dozens of messages to BtP about playing with the Palers' Band, and we had not received a single one of them. Sadly it was too late to organise any playing together then, but we're very pleased to be collaborating with him musically now, and adding his latest CD to other musical goodies in the BtP shop

Please visit this page about his excellent Northern Sky album, which he is kindly offering for sale with all proceeds to 'Beyond the Pale'. There are sound samples to listen to before you decide to buy – and support BtP financially – we are very confident that visitors to this site will love his music. (thanks, Ken)

February 11:

Added an unsolicited and witty review of Taking Turns in Trying to Pass it On, which double CD you may buy online still at the BtP shop (thanks, Bert)

February 10:

Added a note about a curious anomaly in a reel-to-reel version of Shine on Brightly: if you own this item, would you like to write in and tell us what you actually hear for Side One track 3?

Added some Danish to this useful page(thanks, Henrik)

Added a note about a translocated Procol show, at Jackson Mississippi, on the 1973 tour (thanks, Mark)

Added the promised details … a forthcoming interview from Keith Reid in 2002 … the broadcast of some unreleased Matthew Fisher rarities … to this page; something that no Procoholic will want to miss! (thanks and congratulations, No 6)

February 9: In fifteen weeks' time Procol Harum play the Fairfield Halls, Croydon

Added some news for people planning to go to hear Procol Harum play in Newcastle-on-Tyne: a Paler has come forward to co-ordinate social, transport and accommodation arrangements (thanks, Rob)

Added some Turkish to this useful page(thanks, Gul)

Added another specimen (Karlsruhe) to the 'Old Testament' ticket scrapbook (thanks, Dave)

Added some more amusing misinterpretations this bewildering page – search for 'Boys Town', for 'sissy', and for 'seagull basted in wine' (thanks, Tormod and Redcat)

February 8: In fifteen weeks' time Procol Harum play the Opera House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Added a graphic to this compilation-record page(thanks, Larry)

Added an idea about cocaine to this page (thanks, Sam)

Added some Coronation Street lore to our page about Procol music in films : search for 'coffin' (thanks, Beverly)

Added a snippet about John Peel and Homburg(thank you, Martin)

February 7:

Added another concert date to the roster of Procol gigs for 2002 (many thanks again, Diane and Mark)

Who's going to open for Procol in Croydon? Added a graphic and brief commentary right here

Coming soon: details of base-camp in Croydon for people coming to the 35th anniversary concert: don't book accommodation yet … we are working on the arrangements.

Added first details, here and here, of the next Procol Broadcast marathon (thanks, No 6)

February 6:

Added the eighth part – Wish me Well – of 'The Secrets of the Hive' / 'Extracting the Honey', a unique Procoholic double-act that looks very carefully at the Westside Pandora's Box album of Procol Harum rarities and remixes (thanks, Clyde and Larry)

February 5:

Added a setlist from Procol Harum in Manchester, 1977 (thanks Dave, K): it answers some of the questions posed in this concert review of the same show

February 4:

Added a page of pictures of Procol Harum on the snowy streets of Warsaw (thanks, Piotr)

Updated more tours to this page

All pages with the words for the Procol Harum songs have been re-designed. We hope you find the new layout useful

February 3:

Added a very full database of one fan's exceptional collection of Whiter Shade of Pale recordings (thanks, Martin)

February 2: In sixeen weeks' time Procol Harum play the Fairfield Halls, Croydon

With great pleasure, BtP announces news of the first Procol Harum concert confirmed for the year 2002 – it's at one of the UK's most prestigious and established concert halls, in the home town of Matthew Fisher, and it's exactly a year from the start of Procol's highly-successful 2001 tour … to say nothing of the fact that it falls on the exact 35th anniversary of A Whiter Shade of Pale's chart-entry (many thanks, Mark and Diane)

We’re planning to negotiate discounted rooms in a nice hotel near the concert hall, so that fans can have a base camp and somewhere to socialise before and after … as at Redhill, Guildford and Manchester. Watch BtP for details and don't book your hotel rooms yet!

February 1: January ends with yet a new record for BtP traffic: 153,158 pageviews generated by an average of 1,257 daily visitors

Added a page of pictures of Matt Pegg and Mark Brzezicki playing with Procol Harum at Horsens (thanks, Hermann)

Updated the Procol Harum birthday calendar, a long due task

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