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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

March 2005

March 31: Happy Birthday (1951) Henry Spinetti

Added two setlists – here and here – from yesterday's twin sell-out Procol gigs in Norway! (thanks, Bjørn)

Get your bids in to become the lucky owner of the classic Fires (Which Burnt Brightly) artwork, last in our little series of Grand Hotel illustrations for sale (thanks, Gary)

March 30: Happy Birthday (1950) Dave Ball!

Added a page for the special edition of the Copenhagen DVD from Procol Harum (thanks, Ben)

March 29: RIP Paul Hester of Crowded House

Added a page introducing our auction sale of one more classic illustration from the Grand Hotel series (thanks, Gary)

Added a page of photographs from the splendid Palers' Party in London (thanks, Gilles)

March 28: RIP Dave Vincent, husband of Jan, and our friend from the LA Palers' Convention

Added a page of pictures and comments from last night's Robin Trower gig in the UK's West Country

Added a very good instance of WSoP in common parlance (search for 'swan') (thank you, Nicholas)

March 27: 

Lat day to place your bid for the A Rum Tale original artwork from the Grand Hotel series

Updated the personnel details for Gary Brooker's show next month in Guildford UK (thanks, Gary). Scroll down the page to read the poster.

Book your seats now! It will be an evening of stellar playing (much Procol music), and every penny goes to the relief of Tsunami Survivors.

Special Easter Sunday offer: BtP will send, free of charge, a remastered CD of the Gary Brooker Ensemble (live, 1996) to the first person to book for Gary's upcoming gig (16 April 2005) (thanks, Joe)

BtP has moved.
In order to provide better service to our visitors, and facilitate continuing growth, BtP is moving to new servers. This should be transparent to our visitors and we don't expect downtime in our service. During the next few days both servers will be in operation. If you can read this message you are accessing the new server.

Jens + Roland

March 26: 

Remember to place your bid for the A Rum Tale original artwork from the Grand Hotel series

'I believe this may have been the best Procol band I have ever, repeat ever, heard ...'

Added a first review of Procol Harum's first show in the South of France on the present tour (thanks, Steve)

March 25: 

Find out (from Gary Brooker) how and why the Albinoni Adagio was recorded ...

Added a welcome new release from Friday Records, a remastered Procol's Ninth, with two bonus tracks (thanks, Joe)

March 24: 

"This song is from 1968. Would you believe that's twenty-five years ago... "

Added a great review of Procol Harum in Copenhagen, specially written for BtP (thanks, Jesper)

Added a nice yellow ticket, here and here (thanks, Peter)

March 23: 

' ... if I never see Procol Harum again I'll go to the great jukebox in the sky a happy man ...'

Added a third review of last Sunday's fantastic Procol show in London (thanks, Richard)

Time to revisit more London concert reviews from the same pen

March 22: 

Added a page introducing a famous illustration for sale from the Grand Hotel series – and shewing how it was photographed (thanks, Gary)

Added another performance to the In Held log

March 21: 

Added the soundcheck details, setlist and album-analysis from last night's gig at Aarhus, Denmark (thanks, One-Eye)

Added 'phone pictures and concert notes from last night's gig at Aarhus, Denmark (thanks, Pha)

March 20: 

Bidding for the Grand Hotel original artwork closes today.

Added a page of comments on the performances from last night, with some more phone-pictures (thanks, Al Pha)

Added the setlist and album-analysis from last night's gig at Birkerod, Denmark (thanks, One-Eye)

After the Aarhus gig we shall not have Allen to send us setlists, so we hope other Procol fans
who go to concerts on the rest of the tour will send us a list of songs – in the order played.

Added another performance to the In Held log

Readers of today's Sunday Express in the UK are invited to order 'a brilliant 16-track CD featuring the best rock ballads ever such as A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procul [sic] Harum...'. A stamped, addressed envelope and 60 pence in stamps is required. Is this the cheapest opportunity ever to obtain AWSoP? Presumably the music will help to calm down readers after they have heard  about illegal travellers (page 22) and a family of thirteen living on £41k benefits a year (page 23)! (Thanks, John Greenway in Manchester)

March 19: 

Riddle: when is Matt Pegg Keith Reid?

Added a splendid set of impressions, verbal and visual, from the powerful Procol concert in Copenhagen that has just ended (thanks, One-Eye)

Added another performance to the In Held log

March 18: Birth of BJ Wilson, 1947 (Wanda's tribute here)

Added a full and fascinating review of Procol Harum at the Paris Olympia (thanks, Frans)

BtP sent out a 'Fresh Fruit' newsletter last night (to sign up, visit this link) ... please note that you cannot reply to such messages. If you'd like to contact the website, use this link.

March 17: 

Added a page of photographs of Procol Harum in Monaco on Sunday, up close and personal (thanks Josh and Emma)

Remember this page from a different line-up, sent in by a different organist?

March 16: 

Added the setlist for Procol's gig last night at Monaco (complete with very surprising sound-check!) (thanks, One-Eye and Stefano)

Added another Keith Reid performance of In Held 'Twas in I to this list (thanks, Peter)

1973's Grand Hotel champagne-glass can be yours!

Ides of March: 

Added the setlist from Procol's headlining gig in Paris, and a couple of 'phone-pictures from the venue (thanks, One-Eye)

March 14: 

How better to celebrate Procol Harum's return to the road than by bidding for an unique piece of this classic band's history?

Added another page introducing another fine illustration for sale from the Grand Hotel series – and shewing how it was photographed (thanks, Gary)

March 13: 

Added a set of pictures of two former Procolers in action this month at Hannover, with a lead vocalist from the Palers' Project ... (thanks, Hermann)

Added a page to log full performances of In Held 'Twas in I. If you know of one that's missing, please let us know.

March 12: 

Well ... did they or didn't they (play In Held again)? Did Grand Hotel come back into the repertoire? Shine on Brightly? And were the rare songs (Luskus Delph, Something Following Me, Alpha, etc) just a treat for the London audience, or did they get a Gallic airing as well?

Added the setlist from last night's Procol gig at Aix-en-Provence (thanks, One-Eye)

Added the ticket from last night's Procol gig at Aix-en-Provence (thanks, Daniel)

March 11: 

Added a second review of Sunday's fantastic Procol show (thanks, Charlie)

When has In Held 'Twas in I been played live? There were many shows in the early 70s when the suite was partly played, starting with In the Autumn ... but for full renderings we know of Stratford, Edmonton, The Rainbow, Winterthur, Hollywood Bowl, Sandefjord (almost full!), Redhill and Bloomsbury.

If you know of other performances, please write us a note.

Added soundcheck notes from tonight's Procol Harum set at Aix-en-Provence (thanks, One-Eye)

March 10:

Added a Gary Brooker feature from the Daily Express, 4 March 2005. Read it carefully to see what it says about the Bloomsbury concert on 6 March (thanks, Rob)

Added a caption to a photograph that probably shows Sandie Shaw (thanks, Kevin)

March 9: Happy Birthday Rob the Tower (1945)

Added another 1993 Procol Harum setlist with the same unusual combination of players that we featured a few days back (thanks, Beverly)

This was Gary's second 1993 gig in that city ... he'd been there in January as well ... see here.

March 8:

Added a first review (of many!) of the weekend's astonishing Procol recital (thanks, Cameron)

Thanks to everyone whose reviews and pictures we have received so far! It's been a bit of an avalanche, so keep it coming, and we'll do our best to process it all in the order received. This is going to be a well-covered gig, and quite rightly so.

Added a first series of photographs from a highly enjoyable and sold-out Palers' Party (thanks, Alan)

March 7: (Updated from BtP's temporary London office) Happy Birthday Matthew Fisher (1946)

Following a fantastic Palers' Party (thanks Peter, Alan, Ian, Don, Jill, Kerry, Linda, John and Emily, Brooke, and of course to all who participated socially as well) we added the setlist from Bloomsbury, London ... (no comment!) 

March 6 Updated from BtP's temporary London office Procol Harum play London tonight

 Added another interesting and revealing piece about Robin Trower (thanks, Marvin)

Added another in our series of short, musicianly reviews (thanks, Larry)

March 5: Updated from BtP's temporary London office (thanks, Hilton)

Why didn't Matthew Fisher tour with Robin Trower's band? What did Robin say to Andy Warhol? Did Dali show up to the party?

Added an excellent, long and revealing piece about Robin Trower (thanks, Marvin)

Jill, Marvin, Jens, Roland, and a supply of acetone

Palers gather at BtP's basecamp in Hilton Euston hotel

Since arriving in London the BtP team has added one more small feature to the celebrations: we have made an arrangement with a traditional local pub, a few minutes' walk from the Bloomsbury Theatre, where Palers will be able to get a good, inexpensive supper between the end of the Palers' party and the Procol gig itself. There will be menu cards at the party, where you can choose your food and ring your order through. All being well, the food will be ready for you shortly after you walk to the pub.

March 4: 

Added a page about this week's Procol DVD reissue from Classic Pictures (thanks, Ben)

No review of this DVD at the moment, but we may have time to play a bit of it at the Palers' Party, for which booking is now closed

The London 'Basecamp' Hotel continues to fill with Procol fans, attending the Procol show on 6 March, who are looking for good quality accommodation at a special rate. Please note that booking closes at 12 noon GMT on 4 March (thanks, Mille)

March 3: 

'Procol: never complacent, but obliging ...'

Added Gary Brooker's brief words to fans before the London concert on Sunday (thanks, Gary)

Added an announcement of the line-up of the Gary Brooker Ensemble when they play in April (thanks, Gary)

Book now for the Gary Brooker Ensemble

Thanks to everyone who has booked for the Palers' Party: your names are on a list on the door. Booking closed on Thursday 3 March at 10 pm GMT

March 2: 

"I don’t think I used to feel that I was a songwriter before ... I think I’m better at making myself understood. Some of the old stuff was quite obscure, really."

Added an interesting Keith Reid interview from 1991 (thanks, Pam)

Recall this Reidly interview from the following year?

March 1: 

Many items from our Merchandise Page will be available at remarkably nice prices at the Palers' Party on Sunday. Visit this page to find out what's on offer (thanks, John)

You may well have some of these CDs, tee-shirts, publications, and so on already; but at these prices you can afford to get them as presents for several friends and spread the word of Procol Harum!

The nice prices apply only to sales at the party, but if you are not coming to London you are most welcome to have someone else buy on your behalf: it's first-come first-served, and no quotas apply.


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