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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

January 2009

January 31:

Added a third page (with further commentary) about some Whiter Shade of Pale cover versions (thanks, Henrik)

For the past week BtP has run a nationality-counter that logs the number of individual computers that log on to this 'What's New' page (which we reckon to be the page most likely to be read by real Procol fans, rather than casual enquirers surfing in from a Google search or similar). Note that someone who visits this page seven times in a week, from their home PC, scores once only on the counter. The outcome is shown in the diagram, right; and here are the countries listed in descending order of Procoholics-per-head of population: Denmark, Norway, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Oman, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria, America, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, Spain, Slovenia, New Zealand, France, Venezuela, Lebanon, Chile, Poland, Croatia, Portugal, Argentina, Peru, Greece, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Russian Federation, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia and India. Any surprises here? Let us know.

BtP (Bristol) recommends Richard Thompson's '1,000 Years of Popular Song' show ... a fantastic evening's entertainment and highly informative too. A fragment of aftershow conversation ...
RC: You haven't thought of including a Procol Harum tune?
RT: It would be a tall order to cover anything by Procol: such a great singer, Gary ... you just can't touch him.

January 30: RIP John Martyn, OBE

' ... the old ticker starts racing when these fish start chasing ...'

Added a transcript from the Brooker/fisher film (thanks, Charlie)

January 29:

Added a second page (with further commentary) about some Whiter Shade of Pale cover versions (thanks, Henrik)

In the past four days 32 nationalities have visited this 'What's New' page (the haunt of real Procol fans, not casual enquirers). The countries are listed in descending order of Procoholics-per-head of population: Denmark, Norway, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, Oman, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, America, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Puerto Rico, Lebanon, Poland, Venezuela, Chile, Portugal, Greece, Argentina, Peru, Japan, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, and Thailand

January 28:

Added a page (with frank commentary) about some Whiter Shade of Pale cover versions (thanks, Henrik)

The next fan to join this Procol online group will be the six-hundredth (at the time of writing)

January 27:

Streetlife was a very rare Procol Harum magazine from 1976 ... get it here (thanks, John) and read the very illuminating article itself

Added links to this page, so that ancient and contemporary live versions of Homburg may be compared ... and the effects of time on the average rock voice be observed (thanks, Charlie)

January 26:

Added a link (here) to a YouTube clip of the original 1967 line-up of Procol Harum playing A Whiter Shade of Pale (thanks, Charlie)

Added a page about the places Procoholics visit BtP from (compare with the situation ten years ago

Don't forget: Gary Brooker commenting on July 1967's UK pop charts: 'Listen again' online here ... after the news and London weather, at about 3.46 for AWSoP; Gary is introduced at about 7.45. (thanks, Mike)

January 25:  

Today: Capital Gold (London Radio show 1546 MW or DAB) hosted by Mike Sweeney with guest Gary Brooker, 2000–2200 hrs GMT, introducing the chart from 1 July 1967. Details here, 'Listen again' online here ... after the news and London weather, at about 3.46 for AWSoP; Gary is introduced at about 7.45. (thanks, Mike)

Added another page about the AWSoP lawsuit

Gary Brooker and the East-End bruiser ... get your signed artefact here (thanks, John)

A nationality-counter placed on this page yesterday registered the following visitors in its first six hours: UK (35), USA (20), Germany (9), Denmark (7), Switzerland and Italy (4 each), Norway (3), Sweden and Finland (2 each), and one from each of Poland, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, France, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Japan. After twelve hours the figures were UK (46), USA (38), Germany (13), Denmark (11), Norway,  Switzerland and Italy (5 each), Sweden (4), Netherlands (3), Belgium, France, Australia, Canada and Finland (2 each), and one from each of Turkey, Poland, Ireland, Brazil and Japan. By the twenty-four hour mark, however, the picture was: UK (71), USA (63), Germany (23), Denmark (16), Sweden (8), Italy and Switzerland (7), Canada and Norway (5), Netherlands (4), Japan, Spain, France, Belgium and Australia (3 each), Finland (2), and Austria, New Zealand, Oman, Venezuela, Turkey, Poland, Brazil and Ireland (1apiece). Welcome, all.

January 24:

'How is it that one of the most haunting songs of the classic rock genre has nothing written about it?'

Added another page of personal response to A Whiter Shade of Pale

'Salty Dog' Procol Harum tour teeshirts at the BtP store: one size remaining, two colours: here and here

January 23:

Now added CD artwork scans for this formerly elusive Procol-related CD (thanks, Michael and Pat)

January 22:

'Help me disinformation ... '

Subtracted eleven spurious Procol dates from our page that reproduces the alleged schedule of shows in the USA that is published at Wolfgang's Vault

YouTube fans / Procoholics have no doubt discovered this attempt on Repent Walpurgis ... (to what base uses we may return, Horatio!)

January 21:

Once again we're indebted to correspondents who have kindly answered questions on these pages, helping us with information from their own Procol archives. This is what keeps 'Beyond the Pale' going ... thanks, everyone, and please keep it coming.

Added further notes and a tracklisting for this hitherto elusive Procol-related CD (thanks, Pat and Jan)

Added a link here to a 1967 video-clip that shews some sinuous posing, then Brooker, Trower, Wilson, Knights and Fisher all singing and playing along to Mabel (thanks, Charlie) – have a careful look at Mr Trower's guitaring ...


January 20:

Added a note and a couple of links to video clips here (thanks, Giorgio)

Redesigned this page and added some concert notes (thanks, Buddy)

Added a little to this new list of Procol dates (thanks, Joan) – we're pretty sure there are some bogus ones on this list ... please write in and let us know ...

And about the 'Easter Island' bootleg. Some was recorded on Easter Sunday (6 April 1969) at the Fillmore West ... the rest at The Troubador in LA. Can anyone help us with an exact date for that April 1969 gig? 

January 19:

Added a page of stills from the 1987 Brooker-directed fly-fishing film (thanks, Charlie)


January 18:

Added a new list of Procol Harum dates – but how many of them are right? Please write in and let us know ...

And how about the 'Easter Island' bootleg. If that was really recorded on Easter Sunday (6 April 1969) at the Fillmore West ... why is that not on the list?

Dave Bronze invites UK citizens to have a look at this petition, and sign if you would like to deter the government from making it a legal requirement for a noise-control device to be fitted to venues with an entertainment licence. This could be the final nail in the coffin for all live entertainment in the UK as the level at which these devices cut you off tends to be very low and will, as a result, severely inhibit live performances. The petition is on the Number 10 Downing Street website so you know it is safe. Please take two minutes to sign it and join in the fight to preserve live music. See all signatories' names here ... several are familiar to BtP readers.  If you are a non-UK reader, you can still contribute by joining this Facebook group (UK citizens may also join)

January 17:

Added two good new 1975 portraits to this page (thanks, Jim)

Added another example of a famous Reidism in common parlance ... should we paint the world white? (thanks, Joan)

January 16:

'The whole band do themselves proud on this set, but invidiously I will single out ...'

Added a very interesting article about live music, and the new Procol album in particular (thanks, Ian)

The Christmas prizes are mostly in transit now ... let us know when you receive them ...

January 15:

Added scans from some Procol-related pages from the Wintershall 1998 programme (thanks, Mark)

Updated this irritating page too

January 14:

'My aim is to have something new for you in the next twelve months ...'

Added some interesting feedback to yesterday's review, from Procol Harum's manager (thanks, Chris)

Apologies for six Palers' Project album-orders held back slightly while we await some printing

January 13:

Added another fan review of the recent Procol Harum download-only album, One Eye to the Future (thanks, Pat)

Lucid Culture ... Procol Harum back in the charts at No 562 with a surprising but worthy entry (thanks, S)

January 12:

Added a report from Gary Brooker's New Year's Eve concert with many other great stars (thanks, Ian)

January 11:

Added some pictures and a review from the recent PHP outing (thanks, Thomas)

A Salty Dog explained ... at last!

Greetings to the following members of the Procol Harum group on Facebook : Aleksanteri Jyrkkń, Aaron Ochs, Abdullah Arif, Actarus UfoRobot, Adam Garrie, ┼ge Andre Storeide, Agus Pambagio, Alain Antoine, Alamiro Ricardo Mu˝oz Casanova, Alan D'Aiello, Alan Novia, Alba Orero, Alberto Fiori, Alberto Fiorini, Aldo La Rosa, Alessandro Boni, Alessandro Traversa, Alessio Storari, Alex Ball, Alex Skerratt, Alex Yeung, Alexandra Moore, Alice Helft, Allan Holger Laursen, Allen Edelist, Allison Angie Sitruk, Alvaro Montiel Grez, Alyce Fougere, Amed Haha, Anatoly Babanov, Andrea Deidda, Andrea Grasso, Andrea Zoppa, Andreas Ljung, Andrej Milanov, Andrew Enloe, Andrew Fisher, Andrew Hochberg, Angel Ya˝ez Selame, Anish Kumar, Anne Sandfaer, Anthony Antoniozas, Antonio Costa BarbÚ', Antonio Della Monica, Antonio Muro, Antonio Nozzi, Antonio Setti, Antonio Specchiulli, Arnaud Champagne Ardenne), Arne Grue Jensen, Astrid Gade Frandsen, Atlepatle Engelstad, Atli ١r MatthÝasson, Atmo Prawiro Yahya Hutauruk, Bat Roberto, Baya Ouchene, Benchemoun Paul, Bengar Gurning, Benn Laidlow, Benoit Clarenc, Bernard Henri Lavail, Bert Saraco, Bill Hammell, Bill Pettrey, Bj°rn Ansnes, Bjorn Jensen, Bo Lund-Hansen, Bo ěstlund, Bob Moldenhauer, Bram Crevits, Brandon Wolf, Branislav Erdeljanovic, Brigitte Depraetere, Brittany 'Bella Belle' Wollman, Bruno Altiero, Buddy Zech, Camilo AgŘero Sep˙lveda, Cancoydu Cancan, Canturk Sabaner, Carl Swanson, Carlos Alberto Cifuentes, Carlos de Landa, Carlos Sergio Ruminot N˙˝ez, Carsten Heindorff Hansen, Carsten Refslund, Carsten Wiedemann, CÚleste Durante, Chara-Lee Cassinelli, Chardes Bourdon, Charles Allison, Charlie Kirelawich, Chiara Pollice, Chip Cooley, Chris Cooke, Chris Lindstrom, Chris Sotomayor Šerka, Christina Hermansson, Christophe Canvat, Claudio Bonvecchio, Claudio Cßrdenas, Claudio Gagliardini, Claudio Leonard, Colleen Shanks, Conner Ross Buerosse, Costanza Di Muro, Crtomir Kolic, Cyril Lefebvre, Dag Loit, Dam Piglia Metrovideo, Dan Fegan, Dan McLean, Dan Sevush, Daniel Bernard Cramer, Daniele Bortoluzzi, Daniele Pellegrini, Dany Antoine, Dave Ball, Dave Kitteridge, David Everton, David 'Leo', David Penny, David Telson, Davide Bariggi, Davide Brondo, Deden Fitriadi, Demet Gonenc, Deniz Beyaz, Denny Turner, Desha Putra, Dewa Gede Suwandra, Diane Rolph, Didie Margo, Diego Vieyra AttuÚ, Dima Panchenko, Domingo Rojas Ubeda, Dominic Klenke, Dominiek Schrijvers, Donna Roberds, Doreen D'Agostino, Dries WattÚ, Duilio Garzolino-Banshee, Ebru Orga, Eddie Carstensen, Edgar Arduz Valverde, Egon Igor, Egon Mouridsen, Elisabet Andersson, Eliza Viandrayani Aziz, Elizabeth De La Pe˝a, Ellen Buur MosekjŠr, Emanuele Mandolfo, Emil Arenholt MosekjŠr, Emilio Garrido, Emir Senocak, Emre Sezgin, Eralp Erdogan, Eric Slomski, Erik Koch, Erik Ebert, Erkka Laakkonen, Erling J°rgensen, Ermawan Wangsaatmaja, Ester Sirito, Eugenio Tanteri, Evan Edelist, Fabian Schmid, Fabio Angelino, Farnoosh Farmer, Federico Abril, Federico Bazzani, Ferna Briz, Fernando Simoni, Florent Marquaire, Floyd Duncan, Francesco Barbato, Francesco Ferrua, Francesco Ravasio, Francis Albert Sinatra, Franšois Courvoisier, Franšois Patoux, Franšois-Xavier Morseau, Frank Brau, Freddy Jones, Garrett Dunnington, Gary Jackson, Gary Shepard, Geir Jenssen, Geoffrey Whitehorn, Gerald Moss, Gianluca Merlin, Gianluigi Stella, Gianmaria Framarin, Giovanni Natoli, Giulia Zambetti, Giuliano Zeta, Giulio Galeotti, Giuseppe Palazzolo, G÷khan GŘng÷rmŘs, Gracco Vittorio Mattioli, Graeme Paylor, Graham Ewins, Greg Panfile, Greta Pichetti, Guillermo Luis Miyares Echeveste, Gunnar Sperre, Gurpreet Sra, Guy De Pauw, Halgrim ěistad, Hanane Hanguir, Hanna G÷ransson, Hans Sverre Woll, Hans Teutiger, Harold Neighbors, Heather Wise, HÚctor Arturo Azuz Sßnchez, Heidi Tengstedt Hansen, Heidi Widmer, Helene Hansen, Helge Kristian Kopland, Helle Margrethe Gade Frandsen, Henri Str÷mberg, Henrik Goettrup, HervÚ Delafontaine, Hessel Herder, Hilal Generall, H°gni Rasmussen, Howard Spirit Talker, Ian Hockley, Ibrahim Dik, Ibrahim Ízden, Ida Holm, Imran Vakil, Indro Hendi Santosa, Inger Hansen, Irene Romkes Horgen, Ismo Kotoaro, Ivan Perez Guerrero, Jacopo Palasciano, Jake Wallenius, Jakob Gram, James Morgan, Jan Juul Klett, Jan Pedersen, Jane McKenzie, Janet Epiphany Salem, Janne R÷nkk÷, Jari Sainio, Jarppa Aaltonen, Jasmine Sharif, Jason Dunmire, Jason Garfield Bardy, Jason Jones, Javier Ontiveros, Jeff Hausel, Jeff Levine, Jeffrey Melton, Jeffry Manuhutu, Jeremy Gilien, Jerome Oriol, Jerry Djajasaputra, Jessie Morris, Jesus Contreras, Jill Andrews, Jim Morris, Jimmi Hayes, Joanna Marczewska, Joe Krzyzewski, Johan J÷nsson, John Fletcher, John Harrison Bailey, Jon Brule, Jonas S÷derstr÷m, Jorge Postigo, Jorge Wurth Manley, Jorma Hńrk÷nen, Joseph A. DePinto, Josh Phillips, Jovan Stepic, Juan Hernandez, Juan Pablo Farr˙, Juha Pertti Jńrvinen, Julie Green, Kadir K÷z, Kami Oczkowska-L, Kamil Turgut Dalgic, Kara Markley, Kari Warhuus Romkes, Karima Billed'Art, Kate Parker, Kate Zoe, Kathy Pomeroy, Katrien Vandewalle, Keith Datz, Kenneth Vermeirsch, Kerem GŘman, Keren Gladstein, Kevin Hogg, Kevin Jongsma, KÚvin Mercier, Kim Arenholt Jeppesen, Kirsten Faber, Kirsten Grue Sj°rslev, Kjell Tore Sandersen, Klaus Nielsen, Knud-Erik Andersen, Kostas Paltoglou, Krisna Bonaraja Pulungan, Kristian Jamt°y, Kristian Nefer, Kyle Allbright, Laeticia Gyssens, Larie Prushanksy, Larry Eskridge, Larry Pennisi, Larry Zinn, Lars Bruhn, Lars Hyldmo, Lars Steinar Ansnes, Laura Esther Goettrup Frandsen, Laura Vuorinen, Laust Laustsen, Lawrence Himelfield, Leif Eriksen, Lene Stampe, Lennart Kjeldgaard Fischer, Leo Herranen, Lidia Farinella, Lillian Uran Todnem, Linda Clare, Lisa Giannini, Lizzi Varencke, Loredana Tatti, Lou Riccio, Loukas Georgiou, Lu Ada, Lubka Alexieva, Luca Passarella, Lucia Bandini, Luigi Michelazzi, Luis Castillo Cornejo, Luisa Vardiero, Lukasz Adam Piaszczyk, Lynn Luca-Dragan, Maciej Zborek, Maged Ghoraba, Maja Hviid, Marcel Birnfeld Zaions, Marco Cian, Marco Colombo, Marco Lazzari, Marco Leodori, Marco Santella, Margit R°nsholt, Mari Karenersen, Maria Rosaria Puglia, Marianne Andersen, Marianne Skov, Mario Cele Matic, Marisol Contreras, Marita Kńrkkńinen, Marja Aarnipuro, Mark Chagdes, Mark Crain, Mark Fendt, Mark Lundquist, Mark O'Connor, Martin Berg Jensen, Martin Jose Perez Barbero, Martin Sutton, Marvin Chassman, Marvin Pomeroy, Massimiliano Sabatini, Massimo Possenti, Massimo Stefani, Mathieu Fiset, Matilde Arenholt MosekjŠr, Matjaž Horvat, Matt Pegg, Matt Woolston, Matteo Vigilante, Matthew Lamont, Max Ricard, Mellu Melvitz, Mette-Marie Hasle, Michael Buur TrŠrup, Michael Embry, Michal Gima, Michel Hakim Moldenhauer, Mihalis Lampropoulos, Mikael Hasle, Mike Vincent Me-not, Mirek Plodzik, Monica Valent, Murat Basimoglu, Nana Cheshire Darcy, Nancy van Nunen, Natalia Lenskaia, Nathalie Mayer, Naz Ciloglu, Nick Burton, Nick Rigato, Niels Berg, Ochie Bagihani, Octavio Isaßc Barreto, Ole Kvaal, Ole Magne Ansnes, Ole Quist Hansen, Olivier Poucet, Olivier Putz, Ízge Can, ÍzgŘr Nemutlu, Pablo Cajales, Pamela Quinn, Pantelis Avgerinos, Paolo Ligozzi, Paolo Madussi, Paolo Zucchi, Pasi Kallio, Pasi Mńkinen, Patricio Cantos, Patrizia Arduini, Paul Ewing, Paul Holland, Paul Toms, Paulino Correa, Pekka Sarkkinen, Pekka Veistola, Per Arne Olaussen, Peter Astorp, Peter Christian, Peter David Cohen, Philip Hayes, Philippe Escautier, Pia Harild, Pierandrea Rosso, Piero Masia, Pierre Graffin Yveline, R Supawira Prasetya, Red Lloyd, Renato Tersigni, Renaud Henrard, Renee Slappey-Bates, Ricardo Villela Cadiz, Riccardo Cendron, Richard Beck, Richard Katzwer, Richard Liniere, Roar Arne Granlund, Robert Adams, Robert Galetic, Robert Hoshowsky, Robert McConnell, Robert Moselle, Robert Ridderling, Robert Ward, Roberto Cevaro, Rod Moore, Roger Knight, Roland Grossenbacher, Roman Volikov, Ronny A Pieters, Ruaraidh Wishart, Sabrina Marquez, Sami Fernand Younis, Sanni Kotamńki, Santo Gambuzza, Sarah Godwin, Scott Siminofsky, Semih Bayrak, Serge Kim, Serge Mahy, Serge Yared, Sergio Dapello, Sergio Geninatti, Sergio Gorla, Sergio Meroni, Sergio Migliore, Sigfred Nielsen, Silvia Dalla Costa, Silvia Frenda, Silvio Scaramucci, Simo Kotoaro, Simon James Kelly, Simona Vettraino, Simone Pierobon, Sinikka Kataja, Sonja Turtschi, Sonny Martanegara, Sophie Hasle, S°ren BŠk, S°ren M°lgaard, Stefano Girola, Stefano Raiso, Stefano Zanolla, Stein Erik Hagen, Steph Wallace, Steve Fagg, Steve Helsdown, Steve Mulcahy, Stig Fjord Juhl, Stylorouge London, Sylvestre Taburet, Sylvie Van Baden, Tania Loba, Tanja Hentschel, Tapani Korpi, Tara Wood, The Professor Mark, Thomas Vindberg, Thor-Rune Haugen, Tim Schneider, Tiziano Cortelezzi, Tomas Botas, Tomppa Virmajoki, Toni Jaakkola, Topi Rintamńki, Tore Johan Lund, Torjus Ravnaas, Torstein Dahl, Tristan Dahl, Trond Indreb° Hovland, Unsteady Freddie, Ursula Manrique, Valerie Opyd, Valerio Giovannini, Valerio Ronchi, Van Elslande Gilles, Vasco del Papa, Verna D'Alto, Vesa Mńkinen, Violetta Berna, Virginia Santoro, Vittoriano Bove, Vittorio Reccia, Volkan GŘney, William Sinclair, Xavier Eyl, Yan Friis, Yana Ninepu, Yann Courbiere, Yann Dufresne, Yazin GŘnay, Youssef El Beji, Zack Sasnow, Zbigniew Marczewski, Z÷e GabriellÚ Glyphis and Zoka Cymb.

January 10: RIP Dave Dee

Added links to Keith Reid's The Only Monkey video (YouTube, MySpace) executed by Ciaran O'Shea and El Bizzaro (thanks, Keith) 

Added a note to two pages about Memorial Drive, here and here

January 9:

Added an unusual poem about Procol Harum (thanks, Edo)

Corrected an incorrectly-spelt surname on various pages: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

January 8:

Added an impressive setlist from just before Christmas 2008 (thanks, S°ren)

Just one copy remains of the 1992 live Procol album, One More Time, on Gary Brooker's own 'Gazza' label: yours if you want it 

January 7: RIP Ron Asheton

Added a schedule of prize-winners in this year's Christmas Conundrums. Congratulations to the ten winners ... now send your addresses, please!

January 6:

The BtP Christmas Puzzle is now over.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in answers, right or wrong ... a draw will take place during the day, and then we'll be asking for 'real'-world addresses from ten lucky people to whom Fab Prizes will be despatched (when available, in some cases).

Even if we've had this information from you in the past, please send it again: that will be a lot neater than relying on a fruitful rummage in musty annals.

Meanwhile, here is a note of the solution, and how to arrive at it, and the oh-so-subtle visual clue on every page.

January 5:

Here's the final question in this year's excellent Christmas Conundrums; this page also explains the simple procedure for determining this year's one-word answer and claiming your share of the fab Procol booty!

Here is the final clue of the day. They may have come in a slightly perplexing order, but now at least you've got all the clues and all the questions.

January 4:

Here's the penultimate question in this year's excellent Christmas Conundrums

And here is the eleventh clue of the day. It's not necessarily the right clue for today's question, but it will be useful in the end.

Tomorrow's update (this may be of interest to people competing against the clock for the top-three placings in the Conundrums): while BtP is usually updated around midnight Norwegian time (often referred to as Central European Time or CET), we plan as usual to post the final clue in the Christmas puzzles an hour later, as close to midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, in other words, London time) as possible.

But don't be too quick to send in an answer just after UK midnight – it might be as well to read the final instructions carefully, as ever. Be ready with your puzzle prize-order ('ACGIHFEBDJ', or whatever).

Facebook: the Procol Harum group on Facebook is about to reach 500 members: nice to see so many new faces on there, from such a variety of countries.

January 3:

Here's the tenth question in this year's excellent Christmas Conundrums

Here is the tenth clue of the day. It's not necessarily the right clue for today's question, but it will be useful eventually.  

Prog Rock Britannia on BBC4 is worth watching (catch-up details here) though a lot of the music featured is of the fussy-twiddly variety. Some nice King Crimson footage, though! Gary Brooker makes several remarks to camera and is the only Procoler featured, but there are several screenshots of the band, well-known AWSoP promo footage, and – yes! – the opening of The Worm and the Tree. If anyone recorded it and would be kind enough to transcribe the Procol bits for the BtP readership, that would be very welcome.

January 2:

Here's the ninth question in this year's excellent Christmas Conundrums

Here is the ninth clue of the day. It's not necessarily the right clue for today's question, but it will be useful eventually.

V-bulletin alerts us to tonight's Prog Rock Britannia, a 'non-sneering, typically thorough BBC4 retrospective' about 'the classical cornerstones of the prog edifice'. With any luck we will see Procol's 'Hammond progenitor' in the show: details here, and you can watch on YouTube

New Year's Day 2009: The BtP team (that is Roland and Jens in case you don't know) wishes everybody a VERY Happy New Year. And we keep fingers crossed for many gatherings with Procol Harum music in 2009

Added notice of the first Procoler's gig of the New Year (thanks, Dave)

Here's the eighth question in this year's excellent Christmas Conundrums

Here is the eighth clue of the day. It's not necessarily the right clue for today's question, but it will be useful eventually.  

Read what was new on this website in previous months

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