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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

November 1999

November 30:

Added details of the Castle Compilation of Procol Harum songs, just in case you needed one with Butterfly Boys on it : also a sartorial note about the cover (thanks, Jay)

Maybe someone has a scan of the cover that they could mail to us?

There are 4 dates missing from this page: can anybody help to put this right? Please mail us.

November 29:

Added the editorial from the current Shine On which has just landed on subscribers' doorsteps

Added a couple of illustrations to a good article in praise of 'the greatest band in Christendom' : well worth another read (thanks, Marvin)

November 28: 

Added a pictorial Procol card from 1968 that uses another pose from a well-known photo-shoot (thanks, H)

Refreshed the illustrations on our Geoff Whitehorn page (thanks, Axel)

November 27:

Added the setlist for a 1977 gig, at Mannheim, Germany

Added some dates to our Brooker / Clapton page (thanks, Frans)

November 26:

Added a link here to the The Website of the Union of Danish Procoholics: essential visiting, and BtP wishes the very best for this new enterprise as it grows and blossoms.

Added a quick report on all that happened at their Danish Procoholics' first meeting, on Wednesday (thanks, Niels-Erik)

Sounds like a brilliant evening so let's hope there will be an outbreak of copycat gatherings all over the planet.

November 25:

Added three great portraits of Gary Brooker from 1976 (thanks, Régis)

November 24:

'Fisher is a genius ...'

Added a page about Matthew Fisher's 1967 instrumental solo album (thanks, Beverly)

Added another item to our mistaken-credits page

This evening: good luck to the PH Fans' convention in Copenhagen : we hope to report on this further, soon!

November 23:

Added a link to a review of an album recorded in tribute to Keith Reid's 60s collaborator, Michel Polnareff (thanks, Sam)

November 22:

Added part two of a translation of a weighty sleeve-note, setting out a particularly Italian overview of the Procol story (thanks, Niels-Erik). More yesterday ...

November 21:

Added part one of a translation of a weighty sleeve-note, setting out a particularly Italian overview of the Procol story (thanks, Niels-Erik). More tomorrow ...

November 20:

Added another page of miscellaneous Procol pictures (thanks, davelee) and created a suitable index page

Added a Brooker / Clapton reminiscence from a Norwegian concert in the early 1980s (thanks, Per): anyone else see GB play in the Clapton band? Please let us know

Added an 8-track illustration (grotesque colours, sadly!) to our Exotic Birds and Fruit page (thanks, Larry)

Added two illustrations here, and one here, and one here (thanks, Beverly)

November 19:

Did you ever read the long, influential 1971 Procol Harum article from Rock magazine? We have now added the illustrations to it in case anyone wants an excuse to visit it again (thanks, Marvin)

Also added an illustration to the revealing Rolling Stone article from the same month : another one worth re-reading (thanks, Marvin)

Added, to our covers page, a Salty Dog reworking that sounds extremely interesting! (thanks, Hermann)

Added an illustration here (thanks, Phil)

November 18:

Added information to our covers page about a band who covered She Wandered Through the Garden Fence: if anyone can help track them down (via the Gary Thain / Uriah Heep connection?) please let us know (thanks, Sam)

Added a Brooker / Clapton reminiscence from a Swedish concert in the early 1980s (thanks, Mikael): anyone else see GB play in the Clapton band? Please let us know

Added another AWSoP version to our covers page (search for 'donate their brains to science') (thanks, Sam)

You can visit the Music of the Millennium charts if you so desire: the spelling mistake you're looking for is at No 76 (thanks, PDC)

November 17:

Further to yesterday's offering, added the over-length first-draft liner note for the Procol Harum BBC Live in Concert CD, which contains more about the songs and more quotations from the band.

We hear from John Grayson that some twenty Strange Fruit CDs 'have already been sent to all corners of the world' at the Shine On merchandise special credit-card price : thanks to Martha for sparing him from paternal duties to undertake this work on fans' behalf!

Reminder about PH Fans' convention in Copenhagen, 24 November (thanks, Niels-Erik)

November 16:

Added pictures and liner note for the new Procol Harum BBC Live in Concert CD (thanks, Sue)

Started a page recording names of those going to London for GB's Barbican event on 7 December (good thinking, Antonio CB). Please mail us if you'd like your name to be added.

November 15:

What artist has issued the most recordings of A Whiter Shade of Pale? Added another by David Lanz to our covers-page (thanks, António A)

Added a page featuring yet more European sleeves (thanks, Phil): please do mail us if you have more like these to contribute.

November 14:

Sixteen vestal cheers for Sir Bob Geldof, who – in addition to having played Repent Walpurgis on his radio show – commented last night that 'A Whiter Shade of Pale should be in there somewhere' when it wasn't in the 'top ten songs of the Millennium' on a monstrous BBC TV poll, won by something called Bohemian Rhapsody.

'I am now a real composer ...'

Added a fascinating Brooker interview that touches on Kate Bush ('she's so sweet'), on new ideas ('tomorrow I may have dried up'), on self-discipline ('I have no self-discipline'), on the tracks that didn't make The Prodigal Stranger ('from all this material there exists a first version somewhere') and on the follow-up album ('we are no longer in a hurry') ... (thanks, Fred, and Happy Birthday!)

November 13:

We still haven't succeeded in tracking down the fabled 'college thesis' that was supposedly written on A Salty Dog some time in the Seventies; but it's a great pleasure to add an impressive and illuminating high-school paper, 'Faith and the Sea', written very recently on the same subject (thanks, Kendra, and welcome aboard)

Added a link to some information about Trudy Pitts's Acid Jazz AWSoP (thanks, Sam)

November 12:

Added a review of the freshly-available Pandora's Box CD (thanks, Fred)

Added a link to some information about Peter Gabriel's (unofficial) AWSoP (thanks, Sam)

We are approaching 300 fans in our online-register. If you'd like to be included, please use the form here.

Reminders: book here for Gary Brooker at the Barbican next month ... order a couple of copies of Keith Reid's book ... Union of Danish Procoholics meets in Copenhagen, 24 November

November 11:

Today the new Live Procol Harum at the BBC CD will be delivered from the manufacturers to Strange Fruit records. It will be despatched tomorrow, Friday, to people who ordered at the fans' discount price (thanks, Holly)

Added a page detailing how you can now order the above BBC CD by credit card from Shine On (thanks, John)

Added a link to some pictures of Gary Brooker onstage and off in Sweden, 1998 on the Rhythm Kings' tour (thanks, Mikael S)

Added a link to some information about Marc Bonilla and AWSoP (thanks, Sam)

November 10:

Added some Procol information from a Chrysalis tour-programme from about 1970 in which the band's name is comprehensively mis-spelt by their new record company! (thanks, Per)

Added a link to information about a brass band in Swindon, UK, who play AWSoP (thanks, Sam)

November 9:

Oo-la-lah! Added a page about Grand Hotel's Christianne Legrand (thanks, Peter)

Added a link to Rolling Stone's Procol Trivia feature (there's more such stuff here) (thanks, Sam)

November 8:

Added the German and English text of Gary Brooker's very recent radio show, in which he introduced some classy records and talked about the background to some of his own work (thanks, Steffen)

November 7:

Revised and greatly expanded our page of song-miscredits (thanks, Joan et al)

Added some information about the King Curtis AWSoP to our covers page (thanks, Peter)

November 6:

AWSoP goes platinum ... latest news from Denmark (thanks, Niels-Erik)

Updated our page about Colosseum's AWSoP (thanks, Gary O)

BtP is logging daily visitors at present. Midway through yesterday (European reckoning) BtP had already been visited from 1,875 different addresses worldwide, and a surprising 3,363 pages had been accessed. There's some justification for believing that 'the news is leaking out' at last ... and one visitor even logged in from the Vatican City!

November 5:

Added the tour dates for Gary Brooker and the Rock Symphony in Australia (thanks, Greg)

Added a useful link to a page about A Whiter Shade of Pale and the Daleks (thanks, Sam)

BtP is back in close-to-normal operation. Thanks to Henri Lubke and Torbjørn Gidløf at Swedish Connection for working without sleep for 40 hours to help us.

November 4:

A cover by any other name? Added a note about Colosseum's AWSoP (thanks, Yan)

Added Gary Brooker's comment to the Barrie Wilson poll-triumph (thanks, Gary)

We are sorry BtP was inaccessible for a while, causing a late upload of today's 'What's New' : the problem, and the solution, were outside the control of 'Beyond the Pale'. Thanks for your patience : these things happen!

November 3:

Added another varied picture page of sundry Procolian images (thanks, davelee)

Barrie Wilson, poll-winner! Read the results ... jubilate at the justice of it ... and congratulations! The new poll concerns classic albums: if the Palers would like to vote again as a team surely we can win this one too and get some much-deserved air-play for Procol Harum! If voting for the first album, call it 'Procol Harum' for consistency's sake.

Have a look at the BtP poll of favourite Procol Harum albums, from August, which you can read here.

November 2:

Added a Walpurgis footnote concerning a double connection between Mott the Hoople and Procol Harum (you know the Guy Stevens one already!) (thanks, Peter)

Added a link to some information about Gary Brooker's work on and off stage with Kate Bush and about Kate's passing reference to A Whiter Shade of Pale (also see here) (thanks, Sam)

November 1:

In timely fashion, added a truly excellent picture-page featuring one of the great partnerships at the core of the classic Procol sound (many thanks, Bert) 

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