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'Beyond the Pale'

... our first anniversary ...

On this first anniversary Jens and Roland hope they may be forgiven for expressing some modest pride in 'Beyond the Pale', its continuing success in uniting the fans of such a great band, and the pleasure and interest that it has given to so many people all over the planet: thanks for all the messages of encouragement.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our warmest thanks to all the many contributors including several members of the band, and luminaries of other fan-organisations who have done so much to keep us afloat with their contributions, insight, and vigilance for oversights and omissions ... special gratitude goes to the True Saints of 'Beyond the Pale': you know who you are!

This table shows the numbers of links appearing in BtP's daily 'What's New' feature in our first twelve months. They weren't all links to completely new pages, of course, and some of them led to other websites: still, we hope 'Palers' will enjoy using this chart to revisit some past highlights:
 October 1997 22 November 1997 62
December 1997 62 January 1998 55
February 1998 40 March 1998 57
April 1998 87 May 1998 61
June 1998 72 July 1998 88
August 1998 75 September 1998 68

'Beyond the Pale' is steadily gaining in popularity: more than 36,000 'hits' have been logged on the front page alone. The daily average is now 109 hits on that same page, with an all-time high of 172 on 28 August this year. September this year was the highest-scoring month so far, with 4,118 hits. And on the anniversary day for BtP, a new hit record was reached with 178 hits.

Most of the 'Palers' visit BtP during weekdays; activity at the weekends might be as low as 80 hits, thus bringing the average down to the current 109.

All these figures refer to the 'Beyond the Pale' main page (index.htm). However it is known that many Palers have bookmarked the whatsnew.htm page, or enter BtP at various other points that are indexed on the search engines, and never go to the front page at all.

For these reasons the total number of hits to the site per day cannot be known, but it's fair to assume that 150 persons visit BtP daily.

Our statistics now show an impressive list of visitors from 75 countries. The majority come from the USA, and you can read the complete top twenty list here.

As of 4 October, 170 of you have listed your names and e-mail addresses here.

BtP now has more than 900 html pages, amounting to thousands of printed pages of text. And to make things more visually pleasant, about 800 pictures and illustrations are available online. A list of the most popular pages can be found here.

During our first year several present or former Procol Harum members have visited this site, and on many occasions helped us with information and material. To our knowledge seven of these fine musicians have visited BtP, some of them signing the guestbook or leaving messages at The Beanstalk.


In January 2000 we can add: We now have more accurate measurements of visits throughout the whole of BtP. And can supply some impressing facts: Monthly about 20.000 visitors reads 90.000 pages on BtP. Most trafficed day was 5. November 1999, when 2.561 visitors visited 5.240 pages.


Still there'll be more!

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