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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

June 2000

June 30:

''Twas Tea-time at the Rock and Roll Circus' …

Added a link to a review of the Rhythm Kings' Northampton concert earlier in the month: the page contains numerous photographs and sound files (thanks, EJ)

How many degrees of separation between Procol Harum and the latest Eurovision Song Contest-winner? Added the answer to this burning question(thanks, Niels-Erik and Wilfried)

June 29:

Added a review of the Rhythm Kings in Cambridge (thanks, Richard)

Who played keyboards on The Shadows' AWSoP? Conflicting evidence here (thanks, Miguel)

June 28: Happy birthday (1945) to Dave Knights!

Added, by burning much midnight oil, some two-dozen new pages of Procol picture-sleeves, all readily accessible from this straightforward Picture-Sleeves Index-page, which replaces various evolutionary dead-ends of similar function.

Also added new picture-sleeves for AWSoP, Homburg, A Salty Dog, and Wizard Man (thanks, Jonnny!)

June 27:

' … not a vestal virgin in sight …'

Added an illustrated review of a Scots date from the Rhythm Kings featuring a possibly-unique rendition of A Whiter Shade of Pale (thanks, Charlie)

June 26:

Added a link to a Dee Murray tribute website from here

Jens's pictures from the Rhythm Kings' concert in Hamburg have finally been developed: have a look here

We understand that the much-awaited Brooker/Fisher duo AWSoP will not, now, be broadcast this month … (thanks, Diane)

June 25:

Added the words of Matthew Fisher's third solo album (thanks, Matthew)

June 24: On this day in 1967 A Whiter Shade of Pale entered the US pop charts (see this day in rock)

Added a page about the strange Procol parallels in a band 'even more forgotten than our boys' (thanks, Jonas)

June 23:

Did the Paramounts deserve success?

Read what Robin Trower had to say about that and much more in 1967 (thanks, António)

June 22:

Added the words of Matthew Fisher's second solo album (thanks, Matthew)

June 21:

Added some scans of the new Keith Reid book, and a list of the lyrics (not 'words'!) he selected for it. Before looking at the page, amuse yourself by guessing which songs from which albums (and which non-album tracks) he will have chosen! (thanks, Joe)

Added somewhat to the page of Reid's non-PH words (thanks, Sam)

June 20:

Added a page of pictures of 'Procul' Harum in action at the Fillmore East in 1970 (thanks, Beverly)

Added to our page of ideal PH set-lists (thanks, Evan)

Added three more specimens to the already-substantial collection of Procol Harum picture sleeves (thanks, Jonny)

June 19:

Added a page compiling the various interesting suggestions that were sent to the Procol list in response to a request for a track-listing for a BJ Wilson 'Best-of' CD

June 18:

Added a page that may not load particularly quickly ... and may not all be unfamiliar ... but which is nonetheless well-worth a visit! One day we shall split it up into friendlier chunks, but for the moment please enjoy this substantial collection of Procol Harum picture sleeves, very generously shared with the BtP community (many thanks, Jonny)

June 17:

Added a pleasing note about PH / MF music in a church setting … any more tales of this sort will be received with interest (thanks, Jeremy)

Added two more covers to this list: ('Giovanni' and 'Flash Cadillac') (thanks, Jonny)

Added an item to our sessions list : a piano session for Chris Copping (thanks, Claes)

June 16:

Added three more intriguing pictures to a miscellaneous page (thanks, Jonny, Hermann and John)

Added an illustration to our Procol Sheet-Music page (thanks, Beverly)

Added a couple of links concerning the author of the novel about Gary Brooker hiccoughing: they're here and here (thanks, Niels-Erik)

June 15:

'This is a serendipitous opportunity for Procol fans to have their voice heard at the Hall of Fame ...'

Added a page about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Poll (thanks, Carol) : please read it and then vote for AWSoP!

News from the Whalers ...
Those who have ordered the long-awaited
Whalers' Double CD: please be aware that there will be a further delay while two more tracks are added to the CD: these are Procol covers executed by Chris Copping (one with Dave Ball) ... and their addition necessitates some graphic redesign. Please be patient ... the CC tracks are excellent and will be well worth the wait. More news when we have it. (thanks, Michael)

June 14: I was going to put a little greeting for Jens about the Norwegian footy victory but he'll be far too triumphant to check in to BtP from Amsterdam tonight ...

'As gifts for me the band did bring ...'

Added an elegantly-illustrated anecdotal page in which a prominent PH fan contemplates osmosis with the floor ... (thanks, Beverly)

Also added a postscript to yesterday's Hall of Fame offering (thanks, Beverly)

If you want to hear Geoff Whitehorn and many other rock luminaries at a tickets-only benefit on Friday in London, follow this link (thanks, Miguel)

June 13:

Added a page - featuring Gary Brooker's hand-prints - about Procol Harum and the Commemoration business : this includes a letter you can print and send to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which (amazingly) has so far overlooked Procol Harum : or better still, compose a letter of your own and send it to the address at the foot of this page (thanks, Jeremy and Beverly)

June 12:

Added a change of venue to Gary's Rhythm Kings' date for 18 June (thanks, Diane + Gary)

Added somewhat more to the ideal setlist page (thanks again, U/F)

By way of a special 'ideal set list' (and by way of an example of Australian humour!) added our first fantasy PH concert review (thanks, Jimmy)


June 11:

Added the set-list from one of the earliest PH gigs of the 1990s (thanks, Sam)

Added to our ideal set-list page (thanks, U/F)

June 10:

Added a page showing how Procol Harum fared relative to all the other artists of this era, in the NDR Millennium Chart (thanks, Hermann)

June 9:

Added some interesting new lore about Gary Brooker and the Hollies (thanks, James)

Added all you need to know about Gerry and the Pacemakers and AWSoP (thanks, Sam)

June 8:

Added the words of Matthew Fisher's first solo album (thanks, Matthew)

Added excellent news about Matthew's early solo albums coming out on legitimate CD

June 7:

'Incredible sexual imagery; humor, subtlety and exaggeration ...'

Added a splendidly introverted 1971 review of Broken Barricades ... should we recommend this to go on the back of the CD re-issue when it happens? (thanks, Marvin)

June 6:

Added a review of a good book about rock in Croydon, UK: pictures and interview with Matthew Fisher, and how to order.

June 5:

Added a page of scans of Procol Harum promo-records ... some of which, such as the Boredom single, may be quite unfamiliar! (thanks, Jonny)

Added some more ideal set lists (thanks, all)

June 4:

Added another pictorial miscellany: click on each image to take you somewhere else at BtP (thanks, davelee)

Added some more ideal set lists (thanks, all) and a snippet about Brooker and Adams from yesterday's Guardian

June 3:

Have a look at the mysterious Finnish treatment of As Strong as Samson (thanks, Rainer)

June 2:

On the Procol list (join here) there's been a lot of interest in the idea of devising ideal set-lists for Procol Harum to play at the 2000 concert(s) that GB has promised to play.

Read some suggestions here, send us your own here (thanks, all)

Added another cover version of AWSoP, this time by the Norwegian band Pepinos

June 1:

Added detail about a rare Brooker four-track promo record, and a promo handbill relating to the Barbican concert (thanks, Tormod)

Added somewhat to the fans' 'What's AWSoP about?' page (thanks, Jim)

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