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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

November 2008

November 30:

Added a rather special setlist from 1973 (thanks, Richard)

Review of the above show is here

November 29:

 Added some live action pictures of Geoff Whitehorn (thanks, One-Eye)

If you've enjoyed the guitar-playing of the Palers' Band's Gary Shepard, find forthcoming gigs here

November 28:

Added another brief article about Procol Harum in progressive rock (thanks, Peter J) 

Added a 1970 ticket here, from High Wycombe (thanks, Peter G) 

November 27:

Added a note about a special Procol Harum Christmas broadcast

Added a small Paramounts poster (thanks, Mick)

Added some information here about Peter Gabriel's version of A Whiter Shade of Pale (in his own words) (thanks, Jason)

November 26:

' ...the death of innocence and the love generation ...'

Find A Whiter Shade of Pale in a new chart (thanks, Scobie)

Listen to a good Bottom Line set from Crawler, feat. Geoff Whitehorn, 31 years ago: click here (thanks, Robert). Very tasty organ in addition to guitar; and doesn't that opening number share a handful of chords with Conquistador? 

November 25:

Added a link to this page recording the fact that it appears that the original 1967 Procol recording (transposed up a tone) forms the intro to Track 3, Still Here, from the 2008 Girl Talk album, Feed The Animals: sample here. (thanks, Peter M). (Right-click on link and save to file before playing). We haven't asked permission to include the brief clip of this charming item, but no doubt it will lead numerous new customers to explore the work of Girl Talk, so we reckon we're doing him a favour. Download the whole album here for any price you like.

Added another item to this cabinet of curiosities ... search for 'Glamour' or 'Timberlake' (thanks, Dave)

November 24:

Added the latter of two photo-reports from Matt Pegg's tour with The Gathering

November 23:

Added the former of two photo-reports from Matt Pegg's gig (yesterday) with The Gathering


November 22:

'Their final album of the 70s proved ... perhaps their best to date, successfully blending all the elements which made Procol Harum unique.'

Added another article about Procol Harum in progressive rock (thanks, Peter J) 

November 21:

Added an authoritative testimonial to 'the unsung hero' of Procol sets like the Hollywood Bowl and Five and Dime (thanks, Chris)

Procol Harum management informs us that iTunes plans to go online with the excellent new album, One Eye to the Future, on 30 November 2008.
BtP will of course continue to host the link to the 320kps version that so many people have already downloaded and enjoyed.


November 20:

' ... the track shifts between seriousness and folly, each movement well integrated into the next ...'

Added another page about Procol Harum's place in the prog-rock genre (thanks, Peter J)

November 19: Today's scan shows that BtP now consists of 5,400 pages of Procol Harum-related information

' ...should be listened to whilst stoned out of your mind at 3 am ...'

Added a couple of paragraphs and a graphic here (thanks, Joan)

Removed a redundant page or rather, expunged its content (thanks, Joan)

November 18:

Added three small reviews of a well-known Procol single (thanks, Scobie)

November 17:

Added a misleading illustration to the foot of this page (thanks, Peter)

Added a short 1976 setlist (thanks, Jim)

BtP learns that sales of Bobby Harrison's book are going steadily. There is a signing morning at Thorpedene Library in Delaware Road, Shoeburyness, Southend-on-Sea, SS3 9NW tomorrow, 18 November 2008, 11 am until 1pm, if you would like to get an autographed copy and meet the Lime Street Blues drummer. (thanks, Wendy)

Webmaster's recommendation: the UK branch of BtP has just got home from a unique gig, where the band the Cedar had baked cakes and monogrammed shirts for the audience, and where Linda won their CD by triumphing in an audience-wide tournament at scissor-paper-stone. Their music is great too, delicate, highly-arranged and played with versatile virtuosity ... and here's their very curious video, which has just won some posh award in Paris. (Thanks, Cedar)

November 16:

' ... laughably bad in spots, a postcard of poor taste from the heights of pretension ...'

How does Procol Harum look from a prog perspective ... very entertaining reading here (thanks, Scobie)

Added an index page for Procol/prog pieces, some of which definitely merit re-reading

November 15:

Added the liner note, concerning the history of Procol Harum, from last year's excellent 'Secrets of the Hive' compilation

November 14:

'We had a great time for a bunch of white Paler people'

Added another international instance of Procol-fans' getting together ... see the picture / story at the foot of this page (thanks, Dave; thanks, Ken)

November 13:

A bit of house-keeping: updated Procolers' album-credits here, here, here, here and here

Updated the lyric-pages for all the songs One Eye on the Future, Learn to Fly, A Rum Tale, Bringing Home the Bacon, Shine on Brightly, The VIP Room, Pandora's Box, (You Can't) Turn Back the Page, Homburg, Simple Sister, Grand Hotel,  Conquistador, An Old English Dream, A Whiter Shade of Pale, Whisky Train, A Salty Dog that appear on the new Procol Harum album, released twelve days ago.

Added a MySpace link to Matt Pegg's page lots of Procol photos, and you can have a listen as he trades mercurial licks with Francis Dunnery, live (thanks, Matt)

Added a MySpace link to Dave Ball's page (thanks, Dave)

November 12: RIP Mitch Mitchell in Portland, Oregon

' ... establishing a mysterious tone through a series of bizarre, almost surrealistic, references ...'

Added a reference to A Whiter Shade of Pale in a journal about Hispanic literature
(thanks, Gerald) 

November 11:

Added a picture from a curry-house in Kent: click on the penultimate photograph to access a page containing the whole Procoloid story (thanks, Allen)

New news from Matt Pegg: he is playing The Gathering's tour, covering a lot of ground in the UK with the folk-rock supergroup ... check the dates and details here

November 10: RIP Miriam Makeba

Added an insubstantial page about the A Whiter Shade of Pale lawsuit, overlooked a couple of years ago (thanks, Charlie)

Added a link to this YouTube video, recently made by Procol Harum soundman/producer Graham Ewins

While we're at it, it would be nice to hear from anyone who possesses a copy of Fly Fishing in Clear Waters, the instructional film for which Gary Brooker composed background music: please click here.

November 9:

 Added a biography of Procol Harum, with four recommended albums

November 8:

Added an account of Bobby Harrison's part in the Whiter Shade of Pale lawsuit, from the drummer's autobiography

November 7:

Added another development in the AWSoP lawsuit

Interesting to see over 1,000 Procol fans mostly musicians by the look of it signing up as friends of the Palers' Project. How many do you recognise? And is your band there?

November 6:

Added a page about how Procol's Matt Pegg with his impeccable folk-rock bass pedigree came to the help of an all-star line-up stricken by illness (thanks, Kristina)

November 5:

Added a fresh page of Procol-on-the-road photographs, sent in by a member of the band (thanks, Josh!)  

Get the liner-note, track-listing and who-did-what for One Eye to the Future from this page it's not part of the paying download. Right-click on the album-cover to save it.

November 4:

Added another review of the new Procol Harum live album (thanks, Charlie) 

November 3:

Added a page full of interesting lore for those interested in the characteristic sound of Robin Trower

November 2:

Added the first review of the new Procol Harum live album (thanks, One-Eye) 

November 1: RIP Jimmy Carl Black

The Procol Harum November calendar is ready (thanks Sergey, and best wishes)

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