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Procol Harum pictures

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All this website's musicians' pages, and all its album pages, are illustrated, as are many other features that you will discover by lateral browsing ... 

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Procol Harum in the USA, July 2014


1971 Beat Club screenshots

1971 publicity poses from Chrysalis

A miscellaneous compendium, and another, and another

  A picture-page devoted to our beloved BJ Wilson here.

Barbican images from the great 1996 show

Brooker / Fisher: partners in crime, 1995

Brooker at Edmonton

 Brooker promotes No More Fear of Flying

davelee's numerous picture pages

Fans make Procol tee-shirts!

Gary Brooker performing on Dutch TV, 13 February 1998

Hofstra University 1977

Hollywood Bowl images from the great 1973 show

Illustrated sheet-music

Picture sleeves

Informal pictures from the end of Procol's 'Golden Decade'

Keith Reid, the Nightingale's Egg

Procol Harum in Australia, 1973

Larry Pennisi's
huge BtP picture archive

Mick Grabham's pictures from Hollywood Bowl '73

Painting of BJ Wilson as 'Hero'

Sketch of BJ Wilson

Screenshots from Musikladen

Procoldom in postcard

Pictures from Redhill
'Vorspiel' - Friday, The Event - Saturday

Procol Harum onstage in Copenhagen, 1975 ... and in Oslo

Rare posters for sale

Fillmore tiles

Robin Trower onstage in the 70s

Robin Trower, oasis of the 80s

Rowland Scherman's 1971 Procol pictures

Procol Harum on stage in Poland, 1976

Three pages of fine monochrome portraits of band-members

Many picture pages from Beverly Peyton

Studio pictures from Mick Grabham's collection

Unsteady Freddie's Felt Forum pictures

Superb 1976 PH portraits from Régis de Logivière

PH at Skanderborg Festival, 1995

 Peter Christian's images of Brooker and Reid at the Barbican, 1999

 Pictures from Japanese tour programme

Jeremy Gilien's pictures of the Trower / Fisher line-up

Robin Trower onstage in Nashville, 1985

PH with symphony orchestra in Switzerland ... and another set

Procol Harum in action at the Felt Forum in 1974

Pictures from Claes Johansen's Prool Harum book

Picture advert promoting Procol Harum's first New York City gig

GB images 70s French magazines

Guildford, September 2000: numerous picture-pages

In Association with

Barry Sinclair's page of PH backstage passes

 Fritz Friedl's captures PH with orchestra and chorus in 1972

Procol Harum in Zurich, January 1976

Freeze-frames of BJ and MF

CW Post College, Long Island, 1973

Procol in Amsterdam, 1972

Procol in
Denmark, 70s

A pictorial miscellany from Pat Keating

Pictures from Matthew and Carol Fisher's wedding day

Procol Harum on stage in 1967

Procol Harum on- and back-stage in 1973

Pictures taken during the recording
of The Prodigal Stranger album

A miscellany of posters

Procol Harum
on stage in
about 1971

Procol Harum
on stage in
1971 again

Procol Harum in Offenburg, June 1976

PH at the time of the Robin Copping film, The Procol Harum

Impressive pictures of
Procol Harum in Vienna, 1992

Screenshots from early French TV

Screenshots from 60s performances

Screenshots from early Italian TV

Fans gather, summer 2004

Procol at Parliament Hill Fields, 1969

Robin Trower at Reading, 1975

Nice close-up pictures of
Procol Harum in Vienna, 1973

Screenshots from mid-70s Top of the Pops Screenshots of The Geordie Scene Screenshots of Procol Harum on Rockpalast, 1976

Screenshots from Japanese TV

Screenshots of Procol Harum on the 'Welcome to the Grand Hotel' TV special Screenshots of Procol Harum
playing on a groovy TV tower
Screenshots of Brooker / Fisher on US TV's Letterman show Screenshots of Procol Harum on US TV's Carson show Screenshots of Procol Harum miming to Long Gone Geek
Screenshots from Sight and Sound, 1977 Screenshots of Procol Harum, mid-90s Screenshots of Gary Brooker on Jools Holland's 2001 Hootenanny Screenshots from the Rock Anthems programme about A Whiter Shade of Pale Screenshots from the promo film for
The Truth Won't Fade Away
Screenshots from the second Procol orchestral show at Edmonton
Screenshots from Paris, 1967 Screenshots from French TV, 1968 Screenshots from Osaka, 1972 Screenshots from Belgian TV, 1973 Mary Roussey's miscellany BJ in action, late 60s, early 70s

Please mail us with contributions of pictures


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